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Fulfill Your Purpose as an Attracting Authentic Relationships Coach!

EVERY person deserves to LOVE and BE Loved.

Greetings coaches, mentors, and fellow leaders – my name is Terez Firewoman Hartmann, and long ago I decided to ask for the “impossible”: to get to live a full, authentic life where I felt 100% FREE to be 100% ME and get to share a deep sense of love & connection in a long-term relationship.

However, everyone I knew – plus the school of “life” and my own personal history - seemed to show me that my ideal relationship (one where love and freedom actually COULD coexist) was nothing more than a fairy tale.

But after 22 years of being in a relationship that has NEVER asked me to compromise this intention or my SELF, I’m here to tell you that if you are open and willing to consider some new ideas and work with the tools I share in this course, you and your clients can attract/manifest & allow YOUR ideal relationship while keeping YOUR authenticity and freedom intact – all while cultivating consistent and ever-increasing self-love and confidence in the process!

If you or the clients you serve:

  • Are single and want to attract, manifest, and allow your ideal partner
  • Want to cultivate greater self-love, self-respect, and well-being
  • Are tired of jumping through hoops or throwing yourself out of balance to be in a relationship and want your relationships to flow NATURALLY & EASILY
  • Want true clarity about what YOU need to thrive fully in LIFE, and to identify core values and what truly matters to you
  • Want to move from attachment and dependency to experiencing love & alignment
  • Are open to changing & upgrading the conversation about love and relationships to allow for true win-win experiences
  • Love the idea of helping others, feeding YOUR alignment & well-being, and earning income in the process
  • Are a Life Coach, leader, or mentor who would enjoy utilizing a powerful Law of Attraction-based program for Manifesting & Allowing True Love

Start helping others and yourself attract the love we ALL deserve TODAY, by becoming a certified Attracting Authentic Relationships Life Coach today!

I have been a master manifestor and I when I felt ready to start sharing it with the world I manifested this course which has been above expectations!!!

- Bianca K.

Purely amazing. I knew a fair lot about the LOA but this course gives out so many precious infos, and clear imagery, and exemples, exercices, deep knowledge, and helps seeing what you thought you knew, on a totally different and new angle ! The speaker is confident and passionate, she’s her authentic, powerful self, very inspiring in itself!

- Rebeca S.

This course is simply dynamite for all Law of Attraction lovers. You get a really comprehensive deep-dive into multiple techniques and a lot of detailed help on how to actually coach others. Terez is walking her talk, love it!

- Tiina T.

What you'll learn

In this course you’ll have the unique opportunity to provide tools for Attracting/Manifesting & Allowing True Love AND Cultivating Self-Love that can help yourself and others:

  • Work with Law of Attraction (aka your Power of Focus) to Manifest your IDEAL relationship
  • Discover a whole new relationship paradigm that includes BOTH Love AND Freedom for the benefit of ALL
  • Rework "roles” and expectations to create more JOY and natural flow in your relationships
  • Learn why Compromise DOESN’T work and what to do Instead
  • Gain MEGA Clarity about what TRULY matters to YOU
  • Shift from feeling lonely to feeling CONNECTED & LOVED NOW
  • Feed REAL confidence and independence
  • Attract like-minded friends and creative partners/team members/clients
  • Transcend your relationship history and breakthrough to the NEW relationship that is calling you

PLUS: -->Learn from and meet a REAL couple who have been authentically happy for over 2 decades. -->Receive all forms, templates, and suggested flow to create a successful coaching program. -->Receive bonuses, upgrades & happy surprises!


And because of the wide scope of material covered, you'll have 3 coaching titles + logos/badges to choose from! Use whichever one feels the most in alignment with your desired clients and focus!

  • Attracting Authentic Relationships Coach
  • Self-Love for Singles Coach
  • Allowing True Love Coach


Your certification awaits you

Upon course completion, you'll receive an official digital (PDF) certification as well as the option to request a printed certificate and/or CPD/CEU credits through the CPD Standards Office.

Meet Your Instructor

This course is taught by Visionary Creative & top-rated instructor, Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann, a Law of Attraction & Allowing YOUR Success specialist, published author, speaker, singer-songwriter, recording & performing artist & composer, “Catalyst for Fab-YOU-lous” and true Renaissance Woman who has already helped over 10,000 students in over 130 countries allow success and live life on FIRE.

She has also attracted and allowed a joy-filled, ongoing relationship spanning over 20 years with her husband, soul mate and creative partner John, has overcome great health, genetic & family challenges, and is deeply passionate about helping other Powerful Creatives and Leading-Edge Thinkers live unique, empowered lives on their terms by cultivating the courage to dream, to express themselves boldly & authentically, and to focus Onward, Upward and Forward into new possibilities.

 Terez is also a “Dream Achiever,” "Amazing Woman of the Year," and “Moxy Woman” award recipient and has performed for clients including Walt Disney World, Coca Cola and Universal Studios - along with several international conventions & conferences. She's been a contributing writer with the International publication, Transformation Coaching Magazine, since 2012 and has had her music featured in film, radio, theater and the hit Netflix series, "Tiger King," with over 64 million views worldwide. 

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