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Do you want to learn the most effective techniques for helping your clients create rapid transformation, including overcoming fear, changing habits, and releasing limiting beliefs?

Do you want to experience self-mastery by developing a level of self-awareness and understanding of the mind that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own mind and destiny?

Join us and become a Certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

Taught by world-renowned NLP expert David Key and leading life coach training instructors Joeel and Natalie Rivera, this course promises a rich learning experience mastering NLP techniques and methodologies that help your clients change from within.

You see, our experience of our life is based on our interpretation of the world around us.

Our interpretation is based on our internal mental programming…

Therefore, if we change our programming, we change our experience of life…

But, it isn’t just because our interpretation changes… changing our programming actually creates a new reality!

When we change our thought patterns, we change our emotions… which changes our behaviors… which get us different results in the outside world…

The truth is that humans create their own realities—both their interpretation of it AND what actually happens.

Ready to help your clients become the masters of their destiny? 

"Thank you for a wonderful
start to my career as an
NLP coach, I couldn't have asked for anything better; simple,
easy to understand, excellent videos as demos, resources and content that are not overwhelming but just right to assimilate and observe,
and techniques and strategies explained in the most
engaging way by real life examples and anecdotes."

- Sarita K.

"I love the experience I am having learning how to be a successful life coach. This information is very insightful and gives me a better coaching perspective. I am a clairvoyant empath that recently uncovered these spiritual gifts after getting clean and sober a couple years ago. I do love giving this heart away, helping others find their way, and this information helps to separate my intuitive abilities with a more productive understanding on how to coach. Thank you for this experience and the opportunity to become more."

- Staci starr S.

"Am glad that I have taken this
Life Performance
Coaching eCourse.

The Contents are very
Informative and
Relevant to my better
Understanding of
NLP and Life Coaching and
enhance my knowledge to be able to help others in seeking a solution.

Thank you."

- Trevor M.

What you'll learn

This comprehensive NLP Practitioner AND Life Coach Certification Program teaches you everything you need to know to become an effective NLP practitioner and start your NLP coaching business.  You'll cover beginner to advanced NLP training AND coaching skills, tools, and perspectives that will help you actually implement NLP and coaching techniques working with real clients.

Additionally, the models that are NOT available in any other program in the world, such as the NLP Present™ designed by David Key. If you're looking for an exclusive program used globally by top NLP trAiners, this program is for you.

  • Master communication skills that will dramatically improve your personal and business relationships
  • Reprogram the mind using simple, practical techniques that help your clients quickly shift negative emotions and create lasting behavior change
  • Free yourself and your clients from phobias, bad habits, negative thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and emotional pain.
  • Decreasing stress, navigate around mental road blocks and release bad habits and limitations
  • How to be a great coach that challenges their clients and encourages accountability
  • How to set SMART goals with clients that empowers them to go after what they really want
  • Understand submodalities and how our senses give meaning to experiences
  • Advanced anchoring techniques and how to let people step into their ring of power
  • How to structure your NLP coaching program and how to run an effective coaching session

... and lastly, you'll receive all of the done-for-you templates, intake forms, worksheets, and questionnaires you need to start coaching right away.



Your certification awaits you

Upon course completion, you'll receive an official digital (PDF) certification as well as the option to request a printed certificate and/or CPD/CEU credits through the CPD Standards Office.

Meet Your Instructor

This course is taught by 3 instructors in the fields of NLP and life coaching.

Watch the PODCAST EPISODE where Joeel & Natalie interview David Key! Learn more about how the 3 met, Davids epic entrepreneurship story, and more about the power of the mind and NLP! (CLICK HERE)

NLP Trainer David Key was the very first Association of NLP (ANLP) Accredited Trainer in the world and is a pioneer in the field. He is one of the most sought after behavioral strategists in the UK. He is also a Master Trainer of Hypnosis, a best selling author, a transformative coach and teacher of The Three Principles. He was the recipient of the prestigious APCTC (Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants) Outstanding Achievement Award in 2015 for his outstanding contribution to the coaching industry. David is the main instructor in this course.

Life Coach Trainers Joeel & Natalie Rivera have over a decade in the life coaching field and have trained almost 300,000 life coaches through Transformation Academy. Joeel has a Masters Degree in Counseling and is completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with a focus on happiness. Joeel and Natalie began their journey into NLP as students of David. During a period of long-term illness, while Joeel was bedridden, they used many of the tools taught by David in this program to turn what some would see as a curse into a blessing. They are excited to bring his powerful training program to you because they know first hand the transformational impact it will have on your life and business.

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  • Desire to make a meaningful difference in other people's lives
  • Are ready to be a change-maker and force for transformation
  • Want to learn a variety of skills you can apply to your every day life
  • Appreciate a straight-forward, info-packed, done-for-you learning experience
  • Enjoy learning at your own pace and want to get started quickly

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We know there's no way you're truly able to decide if a course or certification program is right for you until you actually get inside.

So today, we're not asking you to decide if this the perfect program for you. 
We're inviting you to take a look around and assess whether the information our experts have laid out for you is worth your time and attention.

At the end of the day, we value your transformation over profit.

Yes, we're extremely confident that this training will transform your life just the way it's transformed the lives of over 700,000 students across the globe.

But  if for any reason -- whether it's in 30 minutes or in 30 days -- you decide this course isn't for you, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund you right away.

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