Startup Guide: Business Plan, Startup Costs, Legal Entity, Accounting, Insurance, Taxes, Sales Tax, Permits & Licenses


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Are you passionate about starting and growing a successful business?

Do you want to elevate your purpose and your desire of helping others to the next levels and would like to become an entrepreneur but don't know where to start?

Do You want a hands-on, Practical guide to use to set-up your health or life coaching business?

Do you want to set up healthy and strong roots for a successful business life coaching practice? 

Being a successful entrepreneur in a health and life coaching business becomes much easier and satisfying when you have the right knowledge and structure in place.

In summary, this Startup Fundamentals for a Health or Life Coaching Business course will provide the following:

The necessary business tools needed for starting your own health or life coaching business

How to build your Business Plan and which plan format to choose from as a coach entrepreneur

How to create and read financial statements for your life coaching business

How to plan for success from the start and overcome personal fear and other obstacles How to structure your business entity and make it profitable

"Great content. Each topic is explained in simple terms, examples of behaviour patterns and actions to take to resolve the issue. Taking lots of notes and have already implemented some of the solutions. Especially like the advice of breaking things into manageable, smaller steps."

- Erica B.

"I absolutely love these topics covered in this course. Everyone should learn how to set their own boundaries and learn how to check in with themselves for self-care. Learning how "to help ourselves first" has been an eye-opening experience, especially as someone who has been a helper and people-pleaser my whole life. This course is full of incredibly empowering tools for boundary setting, confidence-building, and mental/physical well-being that I'll be using every day. These lessons are important for dealing with not ourselves but also all of the relationships we have with our family, friends and others."

- Casey M.

"I just love their teaching/coaching style, so personable and upbeat.

I have completed four courses now and I can't wait to take four more!!

  Bliss be with you always..."

- Travis F.

What you'll learn

  • Smart planning to start up your business
  • How to get the necessary funds
  • Legal entities
  • Business taxes and deductions
  • Register your business
  • Create your own business plan


Your certification awaits you

Upon course completion, you'll receive an official digital (PDF) certification as well as the option to request a printed certificate and/or CPD/CEU credits through the CPD Standards Office.

Meet Your Instructor

Sanda Kruger

This course is taught by Sanda Kruger. Sanda is an entrepreneur with more than 20-year experience in business development and project management in the fields of life, health and fitness coaching. She is also a real estate investor and a banker, who learned outstanding adapted business strategies, sales and marketing techniques, communication, and goal setting skills, hands-on, through life and work experiences. All these she has applied successfully numerous times in her career. This practical expertise, her personal desire to continuously learn more, to grow and be better than yesterday, together with a business education achieved in both the United States and Europe and with a history of work in the American banking industry - offer Sanda a well-rounded perspective on business, finances and how to set herself up for success and bring her to the point in her life when she feels ready to live her purpose of sharing knowledge and guide others throughout their journey.


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  • Are ready to be a change-maker and force for transformation
  • Want to learn a variety of skills you can apply to your every day life
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  • Enjoy learning at your own pace and want to get started quickly

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Startup 101: Fundamentals for Starting a New Business

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