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In-Demand Brand

and get back to why you became a life coach.

An in-demand brand stops perfect-fit clients in tracks and highlights yourself as the expert they need. Join award-winning marketer and high-impact coach Stephanie D. McKenzie to learn the Hustle Freedom philosophy and boost your visibility, reach and impact.


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Almost every life coach is faced with this problem >>> they don't know where their next client is going to come from.

Maybe you're struggling with this problem right now.

Spinning your wheels trying to find a way to turn your passion into something that's profitable can be exhausting. You signed up to be a coach to well, COACH, right?

Not to spend your days and your energy trying to crack the latest growth hack.

The reality is the client-finding grind is why most coaches decide to quit.

But there's a huuuuge problem with that...

Now more than ever, the world NEEDS your gifts...  BUT:

Hear us out... coaching should not just be a labor of love. If you're called to this work, you are gifted and should be compensated. Otherwise, you'll eventually hate it.

You know the people you dream of coaching and the breakthroughs you hope to make possible in their lives.
That work is
too important to put to give up on but we have to solve these problems:

  • You have no idea what you actually have to do to brings those dream clients in...
  • You don't have any revenue predictability so you're hustling trying to bring in new clients every month...
  • Instead of LOVING being a coach, you're feeling stressed and burnt out trying to grow your business... 
  • You're not sure how to stand out as the industry gets more crowded every day...
  • You don't know how to confidently present the value you bring... 
  • You don't have the time to learn the marketing side of coaching...

The thing that's missing is your in-demand brand.

If you had a brand, you wouldn’t be confused on how to put yourself out there.

Mastering your brand and marketing strategy is the only way to ensure you make money doing what you love as a coach.

An in-demand brand has a ton of perks. Ready to claim them?


Crystal-clear clarity on who you are serving and the value you bring them.


Your differentiated brand makes you a market of one -- so you attract and retain clients with ease.


Spreads your message leading to increased visibility and impact.



In-Demand Brand Bootcamp

with award-winning marketer and coach Stephanie D. McKenzie

If you're ready to build a brand that stops perfect-fit clients in tracks and highlights yourself as the go-to-expert they need, this is your sign to join us. 

Throughout this six week branding bootcamp, you will:

  • Develop your in-demand brand
  • Implement client-attraction marketing strategies
  • Use social media to enhance visibility + engagement
  • Feel confident presenting your brand across all platforms


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When you join the In-Demand Brand Bootcamp, here's what you'll find:

Week 1: What is Brand?

 This week, we'll dive into the fundamentals of branding. We'll explore what a brand is, the elements that make up a brand, and why branding is essential for any business. We will specifically explore personal branding vs business branding and you'll leave with a clear understanding  of how to define and articulate your brand's identity.

Week Two: Brand vs. Creative Development

This week focuses on distinguishing between brand development and creative development. We'll discuss how these two areas intersect and support each other. You'll learn about the processes involved in both, and how to ensure that your creative efforts, colors, typography and Canva align with and enhance your brand's core values and messaging.

Week Three: Brand and Buyers

Understanding your audience is crucial for effective branding. This week, we'll explore the relationship between your brand and your buyers. You'll learn how to identify your target audience, create buyer personas, and tailor your branding efforts to meet their needs and preferences.

Week Four: Creating Offers...and Demand

 This week is all about translating your brand into compelling offers that drive demand. We'll cover the essentials of product and service development, pricing strategies, and crafting irresistible offers. You'll also learn how to use branding to create a sense of urgency and desirability around your offerings and create a strong marketing strategy.

Week Five: Brand Management

 Maintaining a strong brand requires ongoing effort and strategic management. This week, we'll dive into the best practices for brand management. You'll learn how to monitor and measure your brand's performance and ensure consistent brand messaging across all channels.

Week Six: Brand and Leadership

 In our final week, we'll explore the critical role of leadership in branding. You'll learn how you can embody and champion your brand as well as create deeper connections with your audience by doing so. This will will highlight the connection between being a strong leader of your business and having sucessful branding. 

By the end of the 6 weeks, you will -

  • Remove yourself from the saturated coaching market and carve out your unique space 
  • Have a clear and compelling brand identity that draws in paying clients
  • Be able to create new marketing materials consistent with your brand
  • Know how to increase your visibility and recognition in your target market
  • Have a set of marketing strategies that lead to business growth
  • Confidently present your brand across all platforms
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Live Training Schedule

Each weekly live training runs for 60-90 minutes and starts at 7pm ET on Wednesdays.

- July 31st at 7pm ET
- August 7th at 7pm ET
- August 14th at 7pm ET
- August 21st at 7pm ET
- August 28th at 7pm ET
- September 4th at 7pm ET

All of the sessions above will be recorded so you can watch the replay for anything you miss.

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The In-Demand Brand Bootcamp is perfect if you are:

  • Starting out and need guidance on building a strong brand from scratch.
  • Refining an existing brand to better resonate with your target audience.
  • Motivated to elevate your business and stand out in position yourself as a premium coach.
  • Committed to attracting your ideal clients and getting off the client-finding grind.

Meet Your Coach
Stephanie D. McKenzie


This group coaching experience is presented by Stephanie D. McKenzie, award-winning marketer and multi-certified empowerment coach.

Stephanie has been a professional coach for more than 12 years and brings more than 30 years of business and marketing experience to developing brands and marketing strategies that empower ventures that are starting out or that are looking to level up.

Her favorite business owners are multi-passionate, high achievers and/or recovering people pleasers who desire to be their own superhero in their life, love, business, being and brand!

Start Building YOUR In-Demand Brand

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  • Weekly live group coaching calls (+ lifetime access to call replays)
  • Community of like-minded coaches
  • Daily support in our private Facebook group


  • Embodied Brand Bingo Game
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You can't go wrong with our

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We know there's no way you're truly able to decide if a course or certification program is right for you until you actually get inside.

So today, we're not asking you to decide if this the perfect program for you. 
We're inviting you to take a look around and assess whether the information our experts have laid out for you is worth your time and attention.

At the end of the day, we value your transformation over profit.

Yes, we're extremely confident that this training will transform your life just the way it's transformed the lives of over 700,000 students across the globe.

But  if for any reason -- whether it's in 30 minutes or in 30 days -- you decide this course isn't for you, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund you right away.

No questions asked, no explanation needed, no monkey business.

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