The Master Transformation Coach Certification allows you to become a catalyst for transformation for everyone around you. This comprehensive program enables you to facilitate personal narrative rewiring, purpose exploration, self-empowerment, and radical forgiveness, leading clients on a journey of growth, healing, and fulfillment. 

Become the most qualified in the industry with four full-length courses:

  • Transformation Life Coach Certification
  • Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator  Certification
  • Life Story Coach Certification
  • Forgiveness Coach Certification


You could start fulfilling your potential sooner than you think.

Have you always felt a deep calling to help people unleash their true potential and live their best lives?

Do you find fulfillment in witnessing the incredible growth and progress of individuals as they step into their power?

Do you believe that every person has the ability to create extraordinary change in their lives and the world around them?

If so, you're in the right place.

Unlock a world of possibilities

Become the go-to expert for people
wanting to achieve total transformation

Becoming a Master Transformation Coach is a remarkable journey of guiding others to embrace their inner strength, overcome obstacles, and experience profound personal growth and change... even when life gets hard.

With a deep understanding of transformational coaching, cultivating self-compassion, uncovering one's purpose, shifting negative thought patterns,  and helping others take radical responsibility for their lives, Master Transformation Coaches guide clients through their own hero's journey where they take power back over their story, their life's mission and their circumstances. 

If you're driven to help people embrace a life of purpose, authenticity, and joy, becoming a Master Life Coach is how you can turn your passion into a rewarding career.

Expertly Designed. Internationally Accredited.

All You Need to Become a Sought-After Coach

From core coaching methodologies to advanced techniques, you'll gain a deep understanding of the principles that drive successful, in-demand coaching.

Foundational Coaching Skills

From core coaching methodologies to advanced techniques, you'll gain a deep understanding of the principles that drive successful, in-demand coaching.

Advanced Niche Training

Take your coaching to the next level by becoming an expert in three complimentary niche certifications, each offering a complete coaching blueprint you can use to start coaching right away.

Complete Coaching Packages

Get a done-for-you system ready to use with your clients, complete with exactly what to do and say during sessions to help your clients achieve specific results and reach their goals.

Lifelong Access and Self-Paced

Learn at your own pace and rush-free, as there are no certification deadlines. Learn what you want, when you want, and revisit the material throughout your entire career. 

No Pre-Requisites Required

Perfect for any coach -- whether you're just dipping your toes into coaching or are an industry veteran looking to level up your career.

100% Risk Free

Don't love what you're learning? Try it risk free for 30 days. We'll refund you every penny, no questions asked.

This course is accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134)

See why life coaches choose the Master Transformation Life Coach Certification over anything else.

Maximum Value. Lifelong Access. Unbeatably Priced.

What's Included In Your Program

Transformation Life Coach Certification:

Guide your clients on a quest of inner transformation—a hero’s journey. Help them navigate life changes and transitions, break free of limitations, develop a growth mindset, set achievable goals, and remember their forgotten dreams.

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Life Story Coach Certification

Guide your clients to rewrite their personal narratives, change their identities, empower their self talk, and release limiting beliefs that hold them back by using neuroscience, psychology, and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and NLP techniques.

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Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator Certification:

Lead workshops or groups that guide clients on a journey into themselves to reveal the gifts they have to give to this world. Help them put the 6 stepping stones of purpose together like puzzle pieces that reveal the big picture of their life’s greater purpose.

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Forgiveness Coach Certification:

Holding onto resentments, hurts and judgments can keep us locked in old patterns that zap our joy and hold us back. Guide your clients through a step-by-step process for forgiving themselves and others so they can be free and happy – and best of all find their inner peace.

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  • Done-for-you coaching packages you can implement immediately
  • Premade templates, questionnaires, and coaching agreements
  • Downloadable workbook materials for each program
  • FREE listing in our coach directory
  • Official certification upon completion of each course
  • Official Master certification upon completion of entire progrAm
  • Access to a private community of like-minded coaches

Get LIFELONG access to ALL of these tools for only:


Your Certificaton Awaits You

Meet Your Instructors

Joeel & Natalie Rivera

We are Joeel and Natalie Rivera—your soon-to-be coach trainers!

We empower INDIEpreneurs to create a purpose-driven business and use their gifts to make money doing what they love through life coaching and entrepreneurship. They have more than 700,000 coaching students from 200 countries and territories. Joeel has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness.

We seek to ignite a revolution of personal freedom through entrepreneurship, empowering each individual to reach their potential and fulfill their life’s purpose.

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We know there's no way you're truly able to decide if a course or certification program is right for you until you actually get inside.

So today, we're not asking you to decide if this the perfect program for you. 
We're inviting you to take a look around and assess whether the information our experts have laid out for you is worth your time and attention.

At the end of the day, we value your transformation over profit.

Yes, we're extremely confident that this training will transform your life just the way it's transformed the lives of over 700,000 students across the globe.

But  if for any reason -- whether it's in 30 minutes or in 30 days -- you decide this course isn't for you, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund you right away.

No questions asked, no explanation needed, no monkey business.

Ready to become a Certified Master Coach?

Transformation Academy's Certified Master Transformation Life Coach Program offers everything you need to know to be a confident, trusted, and ethical coach at a fraction of the cost of other coaching programs.

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