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I am really impressed with the level of detail and value this course gives. There isn't a minute of fluff, just exactly what you need to know to deliver effective coaching. The instructors are clear in their communication and obviously bring a wealth of experience to the table. Highly recommend to anyone looking to build coaching skills today.

- Steven Rasovsky
Professional Life Coach Certification

The TA’s Life Coach certification course is as thorough and comparable to a very expensive course a family member took. The course is very well organized and engaging. I couldn’t wait to go on to the next module. I like that I can contact the instructors any time and that there are many additional courses to take to improve my skills and experience. I am so glad I invested in this course!

- Lisa S.
Master Life Coach Certification

Awesome educators! You just can't take your eyes off the screen because they are so animated while talking in the cheerful manner and clear, confident voice. You will experience joy and happiness right of the first lesson. And of course, the educator's looks and emotions already set your mood for learning and staying longer with them. Thank you, Sheri. Your lectures are exceptional!

- Elena Adcock
Professional Life Coach Certification

Since starting in November 2021 my experience has been amazing. The course I am currently working through is fantastic with great content. The tools provided are useful and helpful. I have spoken to customer service a few times and I have always had my questions answered quickly. Everyone I spoke to has been friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend them enough! I feel grateful to have found them and can’t wait to continue my learning. The groups on Facebook are a great support and often have extra content and video. I love transformation academy!

- Angie S.
Life Coach Membership

This has changed my life. What I am learning is something no other school will give you. To be honest, courses are worth thousands. Thank you so much for giving us your knowledge, time, content, and skills. I can not wait to spread the ripple effect.

- Britney M.
Life Coach Membership Program

I love my Transformation Academy Membership! There are so many courses to choose from and each course is easily digestible as well as packed with great training. The instructors are amazing and you can feel that they care about their students and helping them achieve their dreams.

- Susie S. 
Annual Life Coach Membership Program

This is a good course with all the information needed to become a life coach. Presenters did a fantastic job. There are lots of courses which are expensive. They are not as detailed as the course offered by Transformation Academy. I am MD, medical teacher with a passion for life coaching. This course is well developed and the best I have come across so far. I would recommend this course as it provides the basics and advanced knowledge. It helps you to understand the client as a whole. If someone wants to be a life coach, please enroll and learn the ethics, basics to move further. Joeel & Natalie are the best.

- Sam K.
Master Coach Certification Bundle

My journey with Transformation Academy has been nothing short of life changing and ever growing in my personal development and my coaching business. I have been learning skills that not only evolve my clients lives but also mine. I go through courses more than once as I learn something new every time I rewatch a particular course. I am grateful to be part of this dynamic community.

- Asanda P.
Life Coach Membership Program

I cannot express enough how amazing this course is. The fact that I can refer back to it is amazing and the resource materials are invaluable. Thank you for providing such an incredible experience, as well as a truly perfect example of what life coaching should look like. Mad props. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for finding this course.

- Trina Ricketts
Professional Life Coach Certification

I have enjoyed the course and absorbed a vast amount of information. I am also a college student wrapping up my degree in psychology. However, I have gained so much more in the Professional Life Coach course regarding practical information and ways to apply it. I cannot wait to take my next class with Transformation Academy.

- Becki D.
Professional Life Coach Certification

Joeel and Natalie are phenomenal instructors! I've been a coach for 11 years now and just finished my Master Life Coaching Certification with them...what a life changing experience! I'm looking forward to focusing my career on helping millions of people transform there lives!

- Sensei Joe
Life Coaching Business Masterclass

I really enjoyed the humility, wisdom, and level of expertise from both teachers. I'm a big picture type thinker but sometimes I struggle with seeing the details, so I really liked that these sections broke down the thought process into smaller detailed parts.

- Jamie
CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certification

I spent over $5,000 on a coaching program and have learned more in the first 15 lessons of this course than I did in the entire 26 weeks of my other course. I highly recommend it!

- Victoria Mayotte
CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certification

To be completely transparent, I was a little skeptical about the course. After the first 5 minutes I was so excited with the quality of the content. The courses were laser focused on what we needed to receive to understand each area. The worksheets were fabulous and helped me to see firsthand how to help my clients navigate through each area. I am so excited about my journey to be of service to those in need. I feel more prepared and confident after going through this training. I will likely go through the materials a couple more times. This course is a huge blessing, and I am so grateful to benefit from the knowledge shared.

- Antoinette Carr
Life Purpose Coach Certification

As ever, the course providers are incredibly inspiring! This is my third course with them as it's always so concrete and they explain in better ways than others. I sometimes get bored with long-winded explanations and random stories but somehow they seem to nail human nature and the typical self-limiting beliefs that come up! Thanks to both of you!

- Jane Shepherdson
REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification

The course is quite intense in a good way.. I literally had to go through some section twice because it was just mind-blowing! Joeel & Natalie are amazing instructors and the course is broken down into simple sections and videos with practical examples. This definitely leveled up my coaching practice as I add this REBT tool to my practice. Thank you so much!

- Cynthia P.
REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification

My courses with Transformation Academy not only prepared me to aid others in transforming their lives but the classes are transforming my life as I am taking them too! I have loved learning with you and growing with Transformation Academy. Your passion for helping others achieve their dreams and goals is evident in all your courses. Thank you for a great experience. I will be taking more!

- Aurora S.

Absolutely love your energy, it is exactly what I would want my coaches to be: experienced, direct, compassionate and not in love with the sound of their own voice! The course videos are lively and engaging; they are structured and delivered in a focused way, which is perfect for those with a medium attention span (and looking for motivation to stay longer on the treadmill!)

- Elena Apanovitch
Professional Life Coach Certification

Taking this course has helped me to understand my emotions better, and how to navigate around the negative thoughts and feelings that arise. I’ve always had a desire to help other people in life, I never really understood how I wanted to help. With the help of this course, I know how to further educate myself and others on being emotionally intelligent. Having the availability to go at my own pace, works so well with a busy schedule. I now have tools to manage better through life’s obstacles of challenges.

- Laurel Kingman
Emotional Intelligence Life Coach Certification

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 I believe this course has given me all the tools I need to succeed and confidence as I begin my new journey as a Professional Life Coach. I am grateful for Transformation Academy for creating a course that was easy to follow, allowing me to quickly grasp the concepts and material.

- Nazia M.

I am so surprised, blessed and grateful at the thoroughness, and depth with which it has been created, that I must respond now, and say this course is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME AND OUTSTANDING!!! It is already Transforming me for the Best!!!

- Donald P.

This course is amazing, I enjoyed it so much. I recommend if you did not take it, study it because it really gives you the best knowledge how to be a very successful professional life coach.

- Regina I.

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