7 Secrets of Self Care 

Date and Time:
May 29th at 7pm EST

90 minutes


Are you ready to prioritize yourself and achieve work-life balance in your coaching practice?

Join us in our free Self-Care Masterclass for Coaches to discover how you can serve your clients at the highest level while still nourishing yourself and avoiding burnout. 

During this event you will learn:

  • How to set healthy boundaries with your clients, friends, family and colleages (+ receive a free Boundary Setting eBook!)
  • A morning routine to activate all areas of your brain for the day and increase your productivity to achieve your goals
  • How to consistently prioritize what matters
  • How to get back on track when you're feeling disregulated 

It's FREE to join!

Mark your calendars for May 29th at 7pm ET (and SAVE the Zoom link below!)

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Presented by Transformation Academy Coach
Tasha Church

tasha (1).png__PID:4b26e63d-3cbd-46e4-9907-fac2a151a330

Tasha Ina Church is one of a kind. She has 20 years of self-defense experience, studying 7 styles of Japanese Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and boxing, along with doing Warrior Spirit Training with Sylvester Stallone’s Trainer for the movie Rocky, Jeff Alexander.

She combines her martial arts and coaching experience with real-world application to provide a unique self-defense system that anyone can use to feel safe and empowered, even in heels.