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Achieve your goals with our personal development and coaching toolboxes! Each toolbox comes with 5-16 courses bundled to give you maximum learnings with maximum savings.

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Coaching + Speaking Toolbox (5-in-1)

Reg. $197

Ready to meet the version of yourself that knows how to own their stage? Whether you dream of being keynote speaker, a virtual workshop host, best-selling course creator or the lead of transformative group coaching experience, the Coaching + Speaking Toolbox will help you get there.

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Healing + Manifestation Toolbox (9-in-1)

Reg. $197

Life can be stressful and when it is, maintaining your inner peace and moving forward towards your goals isn't easy. The 9-in-1 Coaching + Speaking Toolbox helps you learn how to protect your energy, restore your creativity and manifest your dreams.

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Self-Mastery Toolbox

Reg. $197

Have you ever wondered what the best version of yourself looks like? Dive into the Self-Mastery Toolbox to unlock your true potential, break through self-limiting beliefs, and live a life of fulfillment, purpose, and joy by mastering your mindset, story and life.

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