Law of Attraction - Allowing True Love & Authentic Relationships

Date and Time:
February 29th at 7pm EST

90 minutes


Singles: Are you ready manifest, attract, and allow your ideal relationship?

Couples/families/teams: Are you tired of drama & ready to experience more harmony, flow & FUN in your existing relationships?

If so, join us in our free webinar to discover a whole new relationship paradigm and work with Law of Attraction to allow true love + shift the energy around ANY type of relationship!

During this eye-opening, vibe-shifting event, you’ll come away with:

  • The formula for attracting, manifesting, and allowing what you TRULY want in LOVE & LIFE!
  • Ways to build bridges, create more harmony, and open up a conversation with the people who matter most
  • The opportunity to ask a REAL couple (who broke all the rules, yet have been happy together for over 2 decades) ANY question
  • The chance to win personalized intuitive coaching AND have your love/relationship intention amplified by the entire group!

It's FREE to join!

Mark your calendars for February 29th at 7pm ET (and SAVE the Zoom link below!) 

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Presented by Transformation Academy Coach
Terez "Firewoman" Hartmann


Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann is a Visionary Creative, top-rated instructor, leading-edge Life Coach, Law of Attraction & Allowing Your Success specialist, published author, keynote speaker, singer-songwriter, recording & performing artist &composer, “Catalyst for Fab-YOU-lous”, and true Renaissance Woman who has already helped over 16,000 students in over 145 countries allow success and live Life on FIRE.

Terez is deeply passionate about empowering leaders, leading-edge thinkers, and fellow creatives to live unique, empowered lives on their terms by cultivating the courage to dream, to express and LOVE boldly & authentically, to Allow Success, and to focus Onward, Upward & Forward into new possibilities.… But for her, all of this pales in comparison to “hitting the love jackpot” and getting to enjoy the extraordinary, authentic, musical, creative, glorious “rule-breaking” relationship she shares with her husband, best friend, and soul mate, John, for over 2 decades.