Unlock Your True Potential As a Life Coach

Crafted for confidence and designed to unleash your inner coach, the Coaching Confidence Accelerator helps you embody the coach you’re meant to be. 

Program begins 9/28.

$199 $499


100% Online Courses + Meetings

Small group + practice pods

Beginner to Advanced

The Coaching Crossroad

Your Dreams vs. Your Reality

You’ve felt the call.

The inner tug that reminds you that you have a big impact to make in life. Yet, as much as you want to pursue being a life coach and help others transform...

  The journey to get there is riddled with doubt.

Imposter syndrome keeps whispering at every corner and uncertainty has you second-guessing your potential.

You’ve absorbed the books, attended the workshops, and maybe you even have a few certifications under your belt… and yet both clients and confidence are nowhere to be found.

Sound right?


The Coaching Confidence Accelerator

The catalyst you need to transform your coaching curiosity into the undeniable confidence and experience you need to be an world-class coach.

In the program, you will:

  • Learn core coaching skills that deliver results via live coaching classes and course material
  • Gain real-world practice through role-playing activities and receive coaching feedback
  • Get your first coaching client and START BEING A COACH

Program begins 9/28.

$199 $499


Ready to go from feeling unsure and overwhelmed  to being a confident and competent life coach?

The Coaching Confidence Accelerator addresses foundational knowledge and mindset barriers, transitions into hands-on practice, and culminates in real-world application so that you start coaching clients sooner than you ever thought possible.


8 Course Lessons Over
8 Transformational Weeks

Our roadmap will unveil a new layer of your coaching skills each week. Through a mix of prerecorded course content and weekly live instruction, you can learn at your own pace, get your questions answered in real-time, and take part in dynamic discussions to get deeper insights. 

Weekly Coaching Pods:
Real Practice, Real Feedback

You'll immerse yourself in our coaching pods each week. Here, you don't just learn – you DO. Engage in hands-on coaching practice, receive actionable feedback, and refine your skills in a safe, supportive environment. It's the most effective way to turn knowledge into instinctive skills.

Lifetime 24/7 Access
to Course Content

The journey of a coach is continuous, and so is your access to your course content. Even after you’ve completed the eight weeks, return to any module, any time, for a refresher or deeper dive. Your growth never stops, and neither does our support.

Never Miss a Moment: Lifetime Access to Weekly Call Recordings

Every live session, every insightful discussion, every shared experience – recorded and stored for your convenience. Revisit them at any point in your coaching career. They are yours forever, ensuring you always have a well of knowledge to draw from.


FREE  EARLY BIRD BONUS #1: Confidence Life Coach Certification
(Reg. $197)

Earn a new certification and learn how to help clients find success, learn how to trust themselves, be comfortable with uncertaintly, feel safe adjusting their plans, and develop TRUE and lasting self confidence.


FREE  EARLY BIRD BONUS #2: The Life Coach Toolbox
(Reg. $30)

The Life Coach Toolbox is over 100+ pages of valuable coaching questionnaires, tools, and activities you can use with your clients to help them achieve whatever transformation they are looking for.

"This has all the tools I need to have confidence to succeed in my new journey." - Nazia. M.


Explore the Path from Uncertain to Empowered

The Coaching Confidence Accelerator is a bridge between where you are now and where you dream of being. There's no need to be stuck in inaction from fear of failure, a worry of doing it wrong, or a loud voice in your head saying you aren’t good enough. Turn your untapped potential into expertise and coaching excellence.

Week 1 | Breaking Through: Where Coaching Confidence Begins

During this starting week, we’ll empower you to combat imposter syndrome and start eliminating the self-doubt you experience when thinking about being a coach. You’ll learn exactly how a coach delivers transformation, deep dive into core skills that ensure you’re “doing it all right”.

Week 2 | Mission-Mapped: Defining Your Coaching Identity

In Week 2, you’ll unearth your distinct strengths, experiences, and innate skills that make YOU a GREAT coach and use that to form your unique coaching blueprint. With guided insight, you’ll select a coaching niche you’ll use to set the stage for hands-on experimentation and practice throughout the program. 

Week 3 | Coaching Through Connection: Mastering the Conversation

Dive into the heart of transformation as you learn how to master the coaching conversation. From building genuine rapport, to using various listening stragies, and leveraging probing questions to unlock deeper insights and breakthroughs, you'll feel equipped to run powerful coaching sessions.

Week 4 | The Coaching Process: From Blueprint to Breakthrough

You’ll step into the flow of your coaching career by designing tailored coaching packages and crafting meticulous session plans. You'll learn how to set goals and objectives based on your client’s assessments and aspirations. Every detail, from the first hello to the final reflection, will be crafted for success.

Week 5 | From Introduction to Invitation: Securing Your First Client

This week is about turning connections into conversions. Discover how to pinpoint and tap into the best sources of prospective clients. You'll craft an elevator pitch that showcases your coaching abilities and serves as a compelling invitation for clients to embark on a coaching journey with you.

Week 6 | Engage, Enlighten, Enroll: The Power of the Introductory Session

It's time to turn introductions into long-term coaching relationships. You’ll use a proven 7-step process to present yourself professionally and confidently – from building rapport to closing the sale. You’ll also get a crash course in coaching technology so you can learn the easiest + fastest way to start NOW. 

Week 7 | Coaching Commencement: Real Clients, Real Results

Step into the spotlight and experience the real-life impact of being a coach. Put newfound skills, knowledge, and confidence to the test as you launch your first coaching session with your first client. Don’t have a client? No problem. You’ll partner up with a pod peer and you’ll still experience coaching firsthand.

Week 8 | Wrap Up, Reflect and Keep Practicing

In our final week, you'll continue implementing all you've learned. You'll keep leveraging your coach and your pods to keep practicing coaching skills and refine your coaching packages so you're confident in using all you've learned for your career ahead. 

Live Training Schedule

Each weekly live training runs from 60-90 minutes and the times rotate between 3pm EDT and 8pm EDT. The schedule is as follows:

- KICKOFF CALL - September 28th @ 3pm EDT
- Week 2 - October 5th @ 8pm EDT
- Week 3 - October 12th @ 3pm EDT
- Week 4 - October 19th @ 8pm EDT
- Week 5 - October 26th @ 3pm EDT
- Week 6 - November 2nd @ 8pm EDT
- Week 7 - November 9th @ 3pm EDT
- Week 8 - November 16th @ 8pm EDT

All of the sessions above will be recorded so you can watch the replay for anything you miss.

Your weekly practice and roleplaying sessions will be hosted seperately and you'll have the opportunity to pair with people who are available in similar timezones and coordinate a meeting time that works best for you.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you will --

  • Have hands-on experience coaching real clients
  • Stop letting imposter syndrome, perfectionism and self doubt hold you back
  • Feel confident running your coaching sessions
  • Know how to provide a transformational coaching  experience
  • Know how to get clients past the most common roadblocks that keep people stuck
  • Have a set of tools that will serve you and your clients for years to come
  • Discover your unique coaching strengths and what sets you apart
  • Know how to get even more coaching clients to fill your coaching roster

"I joined to give my business, income, and confidence a boost.
Now, I'm treating my business like a business!"

- Marie M.


The Coaching Confidence Accelerator is the right fit for you if –

You’re a purpose-driven coach ready for more.

You feel a deep-rooted desire to guide, mentor, and transform lives. Coaching isn’t just a job for you; it's your purpose.

You’re ready to give and receive accountability.

Your perfect learning environment is where you can be part of a small group, give and get feedback and level each other up.

You’re ready to start taking massive action.

You’re want to step out of the shadows, overcome the paralyzing grip of imposter syndrome, and start coaching real people.

Meet Your Coach - Kimberly Rich

Hi! My name is Kimberly Rich, and I’m the head coach for the upcoming Quantum Leap Life Coach Business Masterclass & Group Coaching Program.

Each week, I’ll be there on Zoom, and in the Facebook Group to answer your most burning questions, assure you that you ARE in fact worthy and capable of your dream, and ensure that we’re all having fun in the process.

I’ve been a life and business coach, podcaster, speaker and retreat host since 2015. Let’s just say, I’ve seen it all, and made every mistake in the book. I’ve also seen that when you actually utilize the tips provided in the Life Coach Business Masterclass, and combine it with real-time coaching, and a supportive community, anything is possible.

I look forward to working with you in the coaching group!

NOTE: Group coaching program facilitated by TA Coach Kimberly Rich. Courses taught by Joeel + Natalie Rivera.

Ready to initiate your coaching journey?

The Coaching Confidence Accelerator starts September 28th. 


Lifetime access to the Coaching Confidence Courses:

  • Breaking Through: Where Coaching Confidence Begins
  • Mission-Mapped: Defining Your Coaching Identity
  • Coaching Through Connection: Mastering the Coaching Conversation
  • The Coaching Process: From Blueprint to Breakthrough
  • From Introduction to Invitation: Securing Your First Client
  • Engage, Enlighten, Enroll: The Power of the Introductory Session
  • Coaching Commencement: Real Clients, Real Results

8 weeks of small group coaching with a Transformation Academy Business Coach:

  • Weekly live calls for in-depth learning about curriculum
  • Weekly Q&As and hotseats for direct feedback
  • 24/7 access to your coach via a group chat for questions
  • Weekly roleplaying for practice and feedback
  • Coaching pods for accountability and support

*LIMITED TIME* Bonuses (Valued at over $200+)

  • FREE: The Life Coach Toolbox - 100+ pages of coaching resources to help your clients achieve transformation (Reg. $39)
  • FREE: Confidence Life Coach Certification (Reg. $197)

You can't go wrong with our

"I Love This Training" Guarantee!

We know there's no way you're truly able to decide if a program is right for you until you actually get inside.

So today, we're not asking you to decide if this the perfect program for you. 
We're inviting you to take a look around and assess whether the information our experts have laid out for you is worth your time and attention.

At the end of the day, we value your transformation over profit.

Yes, we're extremely confident that this training will transform your life just the way it's transformed the lives of over 700,000 students across the globe.

But  if for any reason -- whether it's in 30 minutes or in 30 days -- you decide this program isn't for you, simply send us an email before the 8-week program ends and we'll refund you right away.

No questions asked, no explanation needed, no monkey business.

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