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At Transformation Academy, we're committed to making the education and resources needed to achieve one's full potential ACCESSIBLE to all. As the leading course marketplace for life coaching, personal development and entrepreneurship, we're the only life coach training and certification company that offers 45 niche certifications -- and we're excited to continue adding more!

If you are a proven course instructor, have carefully crafted an exceptional e-learning experience and want to be a part of our mission, we invite you to submit your course for consideration!

NOTE: Course creators earn 50% of  their course sales. A variety of factors influence course sales including course topic, previous enrollments, ratings, reviews, and more. As a result, Transformation Academy does not guarantee any sales as a result of a course being included in our marketplace.

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We evaluate courses across a range of topics related to purpose, transformation, mindset/psychology, relationships, self-care, business and more. We're currently extra-interested in courses that cover:

  • Time management and productivity
  • EFT
  • Human Design
  • Enneagram
  • Grief
  • Personal Branding
  • Shadow Work