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Dare to Prosper: Leveraging Structure to Create the Most Freedom in Your Business & Life

Ft. Jolie Dawn

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get your business to pay you in Money aND FREEDOM


  • How to employ delayed gratification to hit all your revenue goals
  • Why you should pay yourself like an employee
  • How Jolie only works 3 days a week (and the key hires that made that possible)
  • The thing you must do if you want to hire a rockstar team
  • What steps Jolie took to create the backend infrastructure of a successful business
  • How she stays in her feminine while still running a high six figure business

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About Our Guest

Jolie Dawn

Jolie Dawn is the creator of the widely loved women’s prosperity meditation gathering, the Dare to Prosper Challenge, attended by women in more than 30 countries and over 10,000 participants. Jolie Dawn is an intuitive business coach, marketing maven, writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, and the bestselling author of 8 Amazon books including “Empowered, Sexy and Free”.

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