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7 Years of Meditation, Healing Anxiety & Connecting to the ‘Core Self’

Ft. Marcello LaGreca

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using Anxiety Integration Coaching
for improved Mental Health and Spiritual Healing

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why sharing your struggles actually helps your future clients to connect with you
  • The power of psychedelics for spiritual evolution
  • How meditation helped Marcello move away from SSRIs
  • How to call in clients without stressing about the money
  • Growing your coaching business often takes longer than you think
  • How to create space for intuition in your business
  • How to be a guide vs. a guru

Connect with Marcello:

About Our Guest

Marcello LaGreca

Marcello LaGreca is an Anxiety Integration Coach, a passionate advocate for mental health on YouTube, and a sought-after speaker in the field of emotional intelligence. He's the inspirational force behind The Seedling Project, a company founded on the heartfelt mission to elevate global consciousness through emotional education.

Marcello's personal journey and deep passion has led him to leave a lasting impact on the school systems, health care institutions, and the many young men + women that he has had the profound joy of working with.


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