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From People Pleasing & Being Hospitalized to Creating a Fulfilling Hustle-Free Coaching Biz

Ft. Stephanie D. McKenzie

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Defining hustle-free success and Empowering Your Brand  

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How people pleasing actually sets you up for failure.
  • The value of being vulnerable in the right places at the right time, and knowing how to make the distinction.
  • How to avoid burnout in your biz.
  • Why and how to meet your clients where they’re at, not where you see they could be.
  • Why choosing your ideal market can determine your level of financial opportunity.
  • The importance of not accepting just any client that comes your way.

Jump Ahead:

02:48 A Year in My Power - A Journal for the Woman Who Has Everything But Herself
08:38 Using discernment in what you share and who you onboard.
13:64 Overcoming people-pleasing behavior.
17:11 Developing a strong brand.
20:15 Defining hustle-free success.
26:25 Imposter syndrome and self-doubt.
33:20 Overcoming life-threatening health challenges.
34:13 Doing more with less.
39:52 The evolution of your offerings.
45:38 Pricing and value proposition.

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About Our Guest

Stephanie D. McKenzie

Since starting her first business at nine years old, Stephanie has loved business! Over a professional and entrepreneurial career spanning decades, Stephanie has proudly served startup, starting out and established businesses with revenues in excess of $29.7 million annually and managed project budgets of over $500,000. She is also a TEDx Speaker; former college professor in business; Bestselling author of “What is Kryptoniting” and multi-certified empowerment coach whose brand and marketing strategies, personal development programs, keynotes and corporate masterminds are life-changing experiences destined to empower you and your team. Stephanie is also one of the foremost authorities on people pleasing and provides tools to businesses on how this behavior hinders financial success and psychological safety while using brand development to combat its effects.

In today’s episode, we cover Stephanie’s journey from a people-pleasing, over-extended employee, to completely burning herself out and landing in the hospital, to creating a hustle-free business and brand that serves people all over the world.


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