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Merging Quantum Physics + Embodiment to Create Magic in Your Life and Biz

Ft. Autumn Brianne

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A 'Magik' Woman's Story of Transforming Trauma into Empowerment

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to leverage Quantum Physics in your coaching business
  • Tips and tricks for raising aligning with your desires
  • How to embody your future self now
  • Why investing in yourself is integral to people investing in you
  • Why energy and mindset matter when it comes to the success of your business
  • How to alchemize shame into power
  • Tips for calling your back to you

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Jump ahead:

03:27 - Early Influences and Law of Attraction
04:31 - Transition from Modeling to Coaching
05:25 - YouTube Success led to an organic shift into coaching
06:26 - Merging Quantum Physics with Embodiment
09:24 - Applying Quantum Physics in Coaching
11:34 - Embracing Challenges and Client Dynamics
14:14 - Future Self and Quantum Play
19:29 - Practices for Raising Vibration
24:59 - Simple Business Frameworks
30:23 - Addressing Shame and Authenticity
32:17 - Client Success and Impact Over Conversion
37:21 - Grit and Long-term Success
38:11 - Hosting Retreats: Advice and Insights
41:07 - Introducing The Hêart of Business Retreat

About Our Guest

Autumn Brianne

Autumn Brianne is a leading voice in the manifestation and spiritual community, known for her transformative work with women. With a background that includes overcoming personal trauma and thriving as a manifestation coach, Autumn’s journey is a testament to the power of inner work and spiritual growth.

 She has helped thousands of women unlock their potential and manifest their dream lives through her unique approach, blending science, spirituality, and personal empowerment.

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