Intuition & Manifestation In Life, Business and Love

Unlock the power of intuition to create the life of your dreams.

Date and Time:
October 19th at 3pm EST

90 minutes


Do you feel like you are destined for MORE?

More purpose, success, clarity and abundance?

Join us in our free webinar, where we show you how to blend intuition and manifestation  to illuminate the spiritually-aligned journey you're destined to embark on.

By the end of the webinar you will:

  • Dive into the Power of Intuition: Learn how trusting your gut can revolutionize your decision-making and lead to more fulfilling outcomes.
  • Discover Your Greater Why: Unlock techniques to identify and resonate with your deeper purpose.
  • Understand Soul Language & Angel Winks: Dive into the subtle messages the universe sends us and how they can guide you.
  • Embrace Divine Interruptions: Find out how to maintain inner peace during unexpected challenges, transforming them into opportunities for growth.

It's FREE to join!

Mark your calendars for October 19th at 3pm ET (and SAVE the Zoom link below!)


Presented by Transformation Academy Coach
Emily Rivera


Emily Rivera is a national speaker, trainer, coach and intuitive practitioner who has guided countless individuals and groups across the United States on a journey towards self-discovery. Through Emily’s seminars and individual sessions, participants learn to identify and understand guidance and unlock the power of their personal intuition to better create the life of their dreams. From showing clients how to tune into their spirituality, innate intuition, sharing techniques for attracting and fostering healthy relationships and encouraging the release of mental barriers.

Emily is also a certified Angel Healing Practitioner and author on Angels Guidance who has dedicated her life to the service of sharing the messages, guidance, tools and love of Spirit.