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Master Life Coach Certification

Comprehensive training and certification bundle focused on foundational coaching skills, life purpose, happiness & goal setting!

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Master Mindset Coach Certification

Comprehensive training and certification bundle focused
on MINDSET coaching (confidence, emotional intelligence & psychology)!

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Life Coaching Business MASTERCLASS (6+ Courses in 1)

Create a Thriving Life Coaching Business!

So, what is it that makes some coaches tremendously sucessful, while most life coaches struggle?

The answer is that a successful life coach knows to answer to the #1 question we are ALWAYS asked.

“How do I get more life coaching clients?”

You see, life coaching is a labor of love… but it’s also a BUSINESS.

That’s why this complete life coaching business development program combines 6 of our top-selling life coach entrepreneurship courses, plus includes powerful additional marketing content, all into 1 course! (NOTE: We cover foundational information about these topics in the Professional Life Coach Certification, however this program goes into much greater detail.)

🡺 Find Your Profitable Purpose-Driven Niche
🡺 Create Your Signature Coaching Package
🡺 Write Epic Marketing and Sales Copy
🡺 Get Life Coaching Clients with Workshops and Speaking
🡺 Joint Venture Partnerships
🡺 Free Sessions that Convert to Paying Clients
🡺 Plus bonus Marketing 101 Course!

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