The Life Coach Launch Minicourse

Master the Art of Attracting Clients

Unlock your coaching potential, magnify your impact and elevate your income by learning the top 3 *FREE* marketing strategies that actually get you paying clients.

What you'll learn:

  • The ONLY WAY to break into a saturated coaching market
  • The #1 reason people won't buy what you offer
  • How to craft an offer that sells itself
  • How to achieve both financial success AND fulfillment

Ready to say GOODBYE to the endless things you "should" be doing in your business...

and start focusing on what actually gets you paying clients?


This minicourse is designed to quickly give you the answers that you need to grow your business. We're going to teach you the major pitfalls that could be sabatoging your success as well as the free marketing strategies your time is best spent on to get paying clients in the door.

SECRET #1: The problem with trying to coach everyone

SECRET #2: Why you'll NEVER sell "life coaching"

SECRET #3: Why selling "coaching sessions" will kill your business

The Top 3 Marketing Strategies That Actually WORK for Life Coaches (Plus, they're FREE)

Don't stay stuck in the dark wondering why your business isn't growing.



Joeel & Natalie Rivera

We are Joeel and Natalie Rivera—your soon-to-be coach trainers!

We empower INDIEpreneurs to create a purpose-driven business and use their gifts to make money doing what they love through life coaching and entrepreneurship. They have more than 700,000 coaching students from 200 countries and territories. Joeel has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness.

We seek to ignite a revolution of personal freedom through entrepreneurship, empowering each individual to reach their potential and fulfill their life’s purpose.