Transformation Academy
In-Person Trainer Program

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  • Interview and approval by TA Founder Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed.
  • (WAIVED) $997 licensing fee
  • Completion of Professional Life Coach Certification as well as Facilitation and Marketing course (see below)


TA Trainers will be required to complete the following 2 online courses before being officially recognized as a TA Trainer.

  • Professional Life Coach Certification
  • Facilitation and Marketing course*, which includes:
     - Facilitation tips (time planning, laser speak, role playing, etc)
     - Strategy for using free or discounted introductory workshops to enroll students
     - Tips for selling from the stage (at free events or for post-training upsells)
     - Tips for marketing your training program (targeting, marketing, joint ventures)

*NOTE: TA will select only Trainers who have demonstrated experience facilitating training as well as marketing self-hosted workshops (or similar events) in their local market. It is assumed that approved Trainers are not in need of comprehensive training on how to facilitate and market their trainings. For this reason, the material covered in the Faciitation and Marketing course is meant to be supplemental.


The Professional Life Coach Certification In-Person Training Program will consist of 16 hours of in-person training, including training, activities, discussions and group practice.

  • The program is recommended to be run as a) a 2-day event (8 hours per day) or b) an 8 week program meeting once per week for 2 hours. However, Trainer can choose an alternative schedule.
  • Training must be live-in person (no virtual meetings).

The Trainer will be provided with a complete curriculum and all materials needed to facilitate the program, including:

  • Trainer’s manual with full curriculum and workbook, including recommended timing
  • All workbook activities, group discussions, and student practice exercises, with instructions
  • Full PowerPoint presentation for the entire curriculum, including speaker notes
  • Each student will also receive a professionally printed workbook with all exercises.


Price Range

Because TA Trainers will be offering training in different markets with different median income levels, there is a range that Trainers are allowed to charge for their training. The official full price of the in-person training is $695. However, you can charge as low as $199 per student in order to price the program appropriately for your target market. (NOTE: If you are planning to train outside of the United States and need to further adjust the pricing, we can discuss this on a case-by-case basis.)

Collecting Payment

All enrollments and payments will take place through

Trainer Earnings

TA will keep 15% of all sales, with a minimum fee of $50 per student, plus TA will keep an additional 3% fee to cover the cost of credit card processing (18% total).

  • Example 1: Student pays $695 (full price). TA keeps $125 (18%), Trainer receives $570.
  • Example 2: Student pays $347.50 (50% off). TA keeps $62.55 (18%), Trainer receives $284.95.
  • Example 3: Student pays $199 (minimum price in the USA). TA keeps the minimum fee of $50 (since 18% of the sale falls underneath $50.) Trainer receives $149.

Operating and Marketing costs

All costs involved with marketing, hosting and facilitating the training programs are the sole responsibility of the Trainer.

affiliate program

In addition to facilitating in-person training, the Trainer will be an affiliate of Transformation Academy. Post graduation, TA’s online courses and certifications will be offered to coaching students. The Trainer will receive 50% of all purchases made by their students, providing additional earning potential.

getting paid

Trainer earnings will be paid monthly via PayPal, twice per month.


  • Being approved as a TA Trainer means you will be licensed to teach TA’s Professional Life Coach Certification program
  • Trainers will be required to provide proof of insurance (details will be provided)
  • Each student will be required to sign a student waiver and agreement (this will take place during registration)
  • Students who attend in-person training will complete an exam and program evaluation prior to receiving an official certification from Transformation Academy, in digital format as well as a mailed, printed certificate (students also receive access to the online course version of the program)
  • No Trainer will be given exclusive territory at this time
  • Trainers will receive a 6 month contract and must hold event within 6 months to maintain their license


REMINDER: TA will NOT market Trainer events to existing TA students or publicly. However, there will be a future directory on of upcoming in-person training dates and locations. While a small number of TA-referred students may enroll, this should not be relied on as a source of students.

Marketing materials that will be provided: designs for single-page flyer, postcard, promotional graphics.

Trainer support will include:

  • Private group for support and collaboration with other TA Trainers
  • Email support for questions related to curriculum and training
  • Monthly Trainer Q+A calls with TA staff

CPD/CEU credits are available for all student (inquire if your students will want this)

FREE MEMBERSHIP! In order to support your continued growth and education as a coach, as a TA Trainer you’ll receive a free full membership to TA, giving you access to ALL TA courses and certifications for as long as you’re a current trainer!