21 Day Happiness Challenge

21 Day Happiness Challenge

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Experience a happier, more fulfilling life in only 10 minutes a day! | taught by Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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Are you ready to live a happier more fulfilling life?

Do you want to get so good at feeling happy that you can be happy NO MATTER WHAT?


Transform your experience of life in as little as 10 minutes a day for only 21 days.

The happiness challenge will walk you through daily proven activities and processes that will help you create a happiness routine, train your mind and emotions, and challenge you to take action that brings you tremendous joy and satisfaction. In the first week, you’ll create a happiness routine. In week 2, you’ll create a happy mind. In week 3, you’ll create a happy life.

You explore everything from gratitude and physiology, to self-love, living in the moment, and creating spontaneity. You’ll rewire belief systems, learn strategies for triggering happy emotions, and develop a powerful habit of happiness that can last a lifetime.

What will I learn in this course?

· The power of gratitude, laughter and self-love.

· How music triggers emotion.

· How to create emotion through physical movement and anchoring.

· The power of focusing on the present moment.

· How to rewire your beliefs and direct your focus in a way that elicits happiness.

· How forgiveness can set you free.

· Simple changes and actions that can transform your life.

Plus, receive a bonus happiness meditation you can listen to any time you need a boost!

Why Happiness? Many studies have demonstrated that happiness:

  • Can double your critical thinking skills, problem solving, and creativity.
  • Can boost your immune system and cardiovascular health
  • Can help you live longer
  • Leads to more fulfilling and longer lasting relationships
  • Leads to increased balance in life
  • And many more positive side effects of happiness


We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera. We have over 500,000+ students from 195 countries. Our courses are all based on our educational background in psychology and education, our experience as life coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs, as well as Joeel’s background as a psychology instructor, his Master’s in Counseling and his research on happiness for his dissertation for his PH.D. in Psychology.

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Welcome to the 21 Day Happiness Challenge 13:43

The Challenge
Happiness Challenge Schedule
How to Complete Challenge
Tips Before You Begin

Days 1-7: Creating a Happiness Routine 51:46

Day 1: Gratitude
Day 2 Music
Day 3 Self Love
Day 4 Physiology
Day 5 Anchoring Lecture
Anchoring Script
Create a Happy Anchor
Day 6 Empowerment: Incantations
Day 7 Meditation for Joy

Days 8-14: Creating a Happy Mind 41:08

Day 8 The Now
Day 9 Happy Thoughts
Day 10 Perspective
Day 11 Authenticity
Living Authentically
Day 12 Beliefs: Changing Your Blueprint
Day 13 Forgiveness
Forgiveness Activity
Day 14 Laughter

Days 15-21: Creating a Happy Life 29:55

Day 15 Joyful Activities
Day 16 Social Interaction
Day 17 Nature
Day 18 Simplify
Day 19 Boundaries
Day 20 Spontaneity
Day 21 Contribution

Conclusion and Congratulations 03:58

Making it a Lifestyle


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