Career Coach Certification

Coach your clients to a successful job search, resume, interviewing skills, LinkedIn networking & career they love. | taught by Adam Mitchell-Hardt

What you will learn

Identifying Dream Career
Proven job search strategies
Improving your own health
Guiding clients through career change
Interviewing skills
LinkedIn networking
Writing a resume
Help clients win over interviewers
Getting the best possible job offer

skills you will gain

Preparing for Future Economy Job search secrets Generating referrals Resumes Branding yourself Interview preparation and follow up
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about this course

As a life coach, there is nothing you want more than to support your clients in living a life that is truly fulfilling. Adults spend more than half their waking hours at their job, so being a CAREER Coach is a profound way to help clients fulfill their potential. Career Coaching has never been a more valuable service than it is right now. The job market is changing, the economy is changing, and the entire industries are being displaced. The process of searching for a job or re-careering can feel overwhelming, and the guidance of a Career Coach is invaluable.

As a career coach, you can help your clients:

  • Stop feeling stuck in a dead-end job

  • Identify what they REALLY want to do when they grow up

  • Navigate the job search and get the position they want

  • Navigate career change and adapt to a changing world

Whether your clients want to identify their dream career, change their career, search for a job, nail the interview or all of the above, this comprehensive Career Coach Certification Program provides a complete blueprint for guiding a client through every phase of career development.

Phase 1: Choosing a Career They Love

If your clients are unhappy at work, you will help them:

  • Determine their dream career

  • Identify an ideal position based on their talents, passions and personality

  • Improve their position, pay and happiness in their current career

Phase 2: Career Change

If your clients want or need to make a change, you will help them:

  • Strategize how to transition to a new career

  • Repurposing their skills

  • Identify how to pivot due to current and future economic and technological change

Phase 3: Navigating the Job Search

Provides expert career coaching strategies and a proven step-by-step process for navigating the job search, helping your clients:

  • Generate referrals using powerful LinkedIn networking strategies

  • Brand themselves and craft their story to get any position

  • Craft a resume that stands out and gets them hired

  • Land interviews with the best companies

Phase 4: Nailing the Interview

Your clients won’t feel unprepared, intimidated or alone anymore when facing an interview because you will help them:

  • Practice, prepare and know exactly how to win over interviewers

  • Operate from a place of confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire process.

course curriculum
Section 1: Getting Started as a Career Coach 0 / 5|25min
  • Welcome and Introduction (Meet the Instructors) 4min
  • What is a Career Coach? 16min
  • IMPORTANT: How This Course Works 5min
  • REQUIRED: Agreement, Disclaimer and Code of Ethics 1min
  • Questions and Resources 1min
Section 2: CAREER COACHING: Being a Career Coach 0 / 6|59min
  • Choosing Your Niche 6min
  • Delivering Results: The Career Coaching Process 11min
  • How to Coach Part 1: Listening & Questioning 10min
  • How to Coach Part 2: Communication Strategies 10min
  • How to Coach Part 3: Tuning-In to Your Clients 10min
  • How to Coach Part 4: Leading the Conversation 12min
Section 3: PART 1: CAREER CHANGE Step
  • Choosing a Career Your Love! 0 / 14|1hr 54min
  • COACH TIPS: Guiding Your Clients Through Choosing a Career Part 1 10min
  • COACH TIPS: Guiding Your Clients Through Choosing a Career Part 2 12min
  • Being the Career Detective (Career Design Blueprint) 12min
  • IMPORTANT DOCUMENT: Using the Career Design Blueprint 1min
  • Talents and a Growth Mindset 9min
  • Identifying Your Talents and Skills 7min
  • Identifying Your Passions and Interests 5min
  • How to Develop Your Passion (and Why Purpose is Better) 11min
  • Personality: Discover Your Type 14min
  • Archetype Roles 9min
  • Work Environment: What Is and Is Not Working 6min
  • Intuition and Making a Choice that Feels Right 7min
  • You’ve Got This! Facing the Fear & Following Through 5min
  • Using What You’ve Learned to Prepare for the Job Search (Preview of Part 3) 8min
Section 4: Part 2: CAREER CHANGE Step 2: Pivoting and Transitioning 3 / 7|41min
  • COACH TIPS: From the Dream to the Action Plan 3min
  • Growth Mindset: Yes, You Can Learn and Change 6min
  • Repurposing Skills 4min
  • Steppingstones to a New Career 7min
  • Making the Most of Your Current Position 9min
  • Utilizing Your Connections 7min
  • Skill Acquisition and Education 5min
Section 5: The Future: Disruption and Opportunity 0 / 4|29min
  • Preparing for the Future Economy, Disruption and Opportunity Part 1 13min
  • The Gig Economy, Side Hustles and Entrepreneurship 5min
  • Planning for Financial Flexibility (and Knowing Your Baseline) 6min
  • The $200 Challenge 5min
Section 6: PART 3: JOB SEARCH SECRETS! Generating Referrals, Resumes and Branding Yourself 0 / 4|26min
  • COACH TIPS: Creating Accountability for Your Clients, PART 1 6min
  • COACH TIPS: Creating Accountibility for Your Clients, PART 2 5min
  • Healthy Habits for a Productive Job Search (Morning and Evening Routine), PART 1 9min
  • Healthy Habits for a Productive Job Search (Morning and Evening Routine), PART 2 7min
Section 7: Networking: How to Generate Referrals Using LinkedIn 0 / 5|54min
  • COACH TIPS: Supporting Your Client's Networking Efforts 10min
  • Why Networking on LinkedIn is So Effective 9min
  • How to Run a LinkedIn Networking Campaign, Part 1 13min
  • How to Run a LinkedIn Networking Campaign, Part 2 8min
  • How to Conduct an Informational Interview 14min
Section 8: PART 4: RESUMES and Branding Yourself for any Role 0 / 6|41min
  • COACH TIPS: Helping Your Clients Craft Their Story and Resume 5min
  • Getting Your Story Straight (Exit, Positioning and Accomplishment statements) 11min
  • Crafting Your Resume 5min
  • LinkedIn Best Practices 4min
  • COACH TIPS: Helping Your Clients Brand Themselves 8min
  • How to Brand Yourself for a Role 9min
Section 9: PART 5: NAILING THE INTERVIEW! Interview Preparation and Follow-Up 0 / 8|1hr 19min
  • COACH TIPS: Helping Your Clients Prepare for Interviews 10min
  • Interview Preparation Overview 3min
  • Preparing for Each Interview Stage 16min
  • Common Interview Questions and Suggested Answers 9min
  • Questions to Ask the Interviewer 6min
  • How to Win Over Interviewers 15min
  • Post Interview and Follow-Up 8min
  • Negotiating for the Best Offer 12min
Section 10: Wrap Up and What's Next 0 / 3|8min
  • Wrap Up and What's Next 1min
  • How to Receive Your Official Certification 1min
  • BONUS Resources You Don't Want to Miss! 5min

meet your instructors

Adam Mitchell-Hardt, Joeel and Natalie Rivera

Adam Mitchell-Hardt is a professional career coach. After working for his share of demoralizing jobs and feeling stuck, Adam decided he was tired of being unhappy at his job and about his future. Despite having success throughout his career in tech sales, he felt a calling for something more. A lifelong student of psychology, personal growth and human potential, Adam applied what he learned about himself with his career coaching skills and launched into his dream career by creating his own career coaching business. Since 2016, Adam has been helping people find new positions or even entirely new careers getting paid to do what they love.

Joeel & Natalie Rivera of Transformation Academy are life coach trainers over 300,000+ students from 195 countries at the time of this recording. Their content is based on their educational background in psychology and education and nearly 2 decades of experience in the fields of life coaching, social services and entrepreneurship, as well as Joeel’s background as a psychology and career development instructor, his Master’s Degree in Counseling and research on happiness for his dissertation for a PH.D. in Psychology.

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Frequently asked questions

Approximately 10 hours including video lectures and independent completion of worksheets (both required).

Life coaching is a non-regulated industry, so there is no license or degree required. There exists no official accrediting institution or governing body in the life coaching industry. There may be organizations that claim to be an official or legal accrediting body; however, this is false. Therefore, anyone can coach based on their own level of comfort with their chosen training and/or past relevant experience. As long as you are not going outside the scope of coaching, such as practicing therapy (for mental health, for instance) you are free to coach as you wish! It is recommended that any coach who is concerned regarding this matter seek advice from his/her state. Life coaches must be aware of and strictly adhere to the appropriate role of a life coach. Life coaches are not licensed mental health care providers or therapists and must not provide medical advice, engage in patient diagnosis, or treat mental illness or trauma. Also, former therapists may receive legal consequences for practicing as a “life coach” while conducting therapy.

No, we are NOT affiliated with ICF (International Coach Federation) or any other life coaching association. We are an independent Life Coach Training Organization. Contact hours, meaning live interactions between an instructor coach and the student, is required for ICF approved programs. We do not wish to include contact hours in our programs because we believe our students enjoy the self-paced, virtual nature of our training programs and the opportunity to receive high quality education at a great price. Also, requiring contact hours would greatly increase the fees we would need to charge for our programs, making them out of reach for many of our students around the world. We believe in the democratization of education, not creating unnecessary red tape and costs.