CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Human Mind Owner’s Manual)

CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Human Mind Owner’s Manual)

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Take back your power, stop self-sabotage, reprogram your mind, master your emotions & stop negative thinking
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Transform Your Life using CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques and Tools. 

Do you ever feel stuck, like you know what you want but you just can’t get yourself to take action?

Do you ever feel like your thoughts, your emotions, or your life are out of your control?

Have you ever made irrational decisions you later regretted?

Are you tired of self-sabotaging or procrastinating?

Do you have an inner critic that is always putting you down, telling you you’re not good enough, and beating you up for mistakes you make?

Are you tired of holding yourself back because you’re afraid of failure?

Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you are your biggest road block that is stopping you from living the life you really want?

If you can relate to any of these things, you are not alone.

The human mind is the most complex machine on the planet. It is what allow us to paint masterpieces, build modern marvels, make scientific discoveries, and learn through online courses like this one. But, unfortunately, our minds don’t come with an instruction manual. Most people never reach their potential because their machines—the most powerful tool they will ever have—inherited faulty programming. But, it’s not their fault—they were never taught how their mind works or how much power they have to create the lives they want.

You were probably never taught that you have the ability to change ANYTHING about yourself—your level of intelligence, your talent, your abilities, your personality.

You were probably never taught that you have the ability to control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors., and you certainly weren’t taught how (CBT can teach you how).

You may have been told you could be or do anything you wanted when you grew up, but you never believed it. You were surrounded by people who settled in life, who were unhappy, who were dysfunctional and who, unfortunately, passed the beliefs and patterns of thinking that got them there onto you.

Now you’re grown up and you have a million thoughts that run through your mind that make you doubt yourself and believe your dreams aren’t possible (CBT can help with this).

Like most people, you’ve got a monkey mind that’s always negative and distracting you from creating the life you want. Well, it’s time to give your monkey mind a banana. This course is the banana! And, it’s also the human mind owner’s manual you never knew existed.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, on yourself. CBT teaches us that our thoughts create our emotions and influence our behavior. We can learn how to have greater control over our thoughts, and therefore, we can have greater control over our emotions and our behaviors.

In this course you’ll learn how to reprogram your mind with these CBT techniques.

  • With CBT: You’ll learn how your thoughts and emotions work and how to identify why you think and act the way you do. You’ll develop self-awareness so you an stop negative thinking in the act and retrain your monkey mind to think more positively.
  • With CBT: You’ll be able to stop self-sabotaging behaviors and bad habits
  • CBT will help you: Stop stalling and overcome procrastination
  • CBT will help you: Get yourself to take those actions you’ve been putting off in only 5 seconds
  • CBT will help you: Make decisions more rationally, including feeling more confident making hard decisions
  • With CBT you will: Stop the incessant worrying and silence the inner critic
  • CBT will help you: Overcome fear and resistance that is holding you back
  • CBT will help you: Manage anger, cope with stress, and minimize anxiety
  • CBT will help you: Feel more peaceful and optimistic
  • CBT will help you: Stop feeling out of control and take back your power

We look forward to sharing CBT Techniques that will transform your life! 

So who are we?

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera. We’ve been studying, mastering, and teaching about the power of the mind for almost 20 years. We’re entrepreneurs and coaches and we’ve worked with over 500,000 students, coaches and businesses from 195 countries. Everything we have ever taught or created has had CBT at it’s core. Our courses are all based on our educational background in psychology and education, as well as my background as a psychology instructor, my Master’s in Counseling and my research on happiness for my dissertation for my PH.D. in Psychology.

If you change your thoughts, you will transform your life. We look forward to transforming with you in the course.

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Course Curriculum


Let's Get Started! 13:36

Why CBT?
What is CBT? (Your Owner's Manual)
Identifying Problem Areas (Assessment)

CBT and the Growth Mindset 23:13

Stop Feeling Out of Control (Locus of Control Assessment)
Locus of Control
Why the Growth Mindset is the Key to Successful CBT
Mindset Assessment
You Can Change Your Brain, Your Mindset, and Your Thoughts

Understanding Cognition (How Thinking Works) 33:05

Thoughts Create Emotions and Behaviors
Cognitive Distortions, Part 1
Cognitive Distortion, Part 2
Cognitive Distortions
Stop Irrational and Illogical Thinking with Socratic Questioning
Socratic Questioning WS

COACHING: CBT Core Journaling Process 11:22

Why Journaling is the Core of CBT
ABCD Journaling client
ABCD Journaling WS
Fact or Opinion

Developing Awareness of Thoughts, Emotions, and Behaviors 49:43

Cultivating Mindfulness and Awareness
Developing Awareness of Thoughts and Self-Talk
Developing Awareness of Self-Talk, Part 2
Self Talk Part 2 WS
Developing Awareness of Emotions
Awareness of Emotions
BONUS: Situational vs Psychological Fear
Recognizing Triggers
Recognizing Triggers
Identifying Core Beliefs
Identifying Underlying Beliefs

CBT Techniques: Cognitive 62:19

Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Half-Smile Technique
Square Breathing
Guided Progressive Relaxation
Visualization (The Science)
Visualization Activity
Reframing Negative Situations
Reframing Negative Experiences
Postive Thinking and Affirmations
Uncovering the Lies
Uncovering the Lies Activity
Changing Beliefs (The Table Leg Method)
Changing Beliefs

CBT Techniques: Behavioral 47:49

Behavioral Experimentation
Behavioral Experimentation WS
Overcoming Indecision Part 1, Autopilot and Being Stuck
Overcoming Indecision WS
Overcoming Indecision Part 2, Irrevocable Choices
Overcoming Inaction
Overcoming Inaction WS
Exposure Techniques for Overcoming Fear and Resistance
Exposure Techniques WS
The Exposure Ladder
Exposure Ladder
Scheduling Activities
Scheduling Activities

CBT Techniques: Additional Activities 26:38

Fact or Opinion
Fact or Opinion
Alternative Action Formula
Alternative Action Formula
Putting Thoughts on Trial
Putting Thoughts on Trial
Functional Analysis
Functional Analysis
Modifying Rules and Assumptions
Modifying Rules and Assumptions
De-Catastrophizing (Overcoming Worry)
De-catastrophizing WS
Fear Setting
Fear Setting Activity Sheet

Wrapping Up! 02:45

Congratulations and Next Steps!
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