Develop True Confidence and a Growth Mindset

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No more superficial self-esteem! Stop holding yourself back, overcome self-doubt, fulfill your potential, be unstoppable

Taught by Joeel & Natalie Rivera

What you will learn

Avoiding the 4 traps of self-doubt
Stop setting goals and dreams that you never reach
Overcome paralysis
Take action
Take your power back
Overcome fear of failure
Feel brave and take more risks
Empowering yourself in any moment
Develop a growth mindset
Feel empowered to reach your full potential

skills you will gain

Understanding confidence Develop a Growth Mindset Assessing and clarifying your confidence Overcome self-doubt Developing competence Confidence in action Dealing with others Overcoming fear Self-empowerment tools
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about this course


No more superficial self-esteem!   

Most courses on developing confidence encourage you to boost your self-esteem, feel confident in your abilities, and feel certain you’ll be viewed favorably by others. Unfortunately, this is a HUGE mistake! You see, having to feel good about yourself discourages you from stepping out of your comfort zone. Needing to feel confident in your abilities makes you avoid trying anything you might be bad at. And needing to be accepted by others holds you back from your dreams.   

The truth is, keeping your ego happy and getting approval from others will NEVER make you truly confident because deep down you’ll feel like a fraud.   

Think about it… what do you REALLY want confidence FOR? 

  • You want to be confident so you can stop holding yourself back from your dreams. 
  • So you can stop setting goals that you never actually reach. 
  • So you can be brave enough to take the risk and go for it. So you can stop playing small and actually reach for the potential you know that is trapped within you.   

You owe it to yourself to develop a mindset of true confidence. If you do you’ll find that: 

  • Instead of feeling socially anxious and dependent on the positive judgment of others in order to feel good about yourself, you’ll learn how to feel deeply confident even in the face of rejection and criticism.  
  • Instead of sugar coating your flaws and failures, you’ll develop healthy self-esteem built upon true unshakable confidence. You’ll feel good about yourself in a way that doesn’t get knocked down by failure or judgment.   
  • Instead of shrinking back from risk or being crushed by failure, you’ll learn how to turn challenges and setbacks into the fuel you need to ignite your life.  
  • Instead of wasting energy trying to avoid revealing your weaknesses, you’ll know once and for all that your TRUE strength lies in your ability to improve and move forward no matter where you are now or what stands in your way.   
  • Instead of arguing for your limitations and holding back your true gifts for fear of failure or ridicule, you’ll develop such a strong belief in your own potential and that nothing, NOTHING, has the power to hold you back anymore. You’ll be unstoppable!   

In this course we’re not going to offer you a quick fix or an ego boost.  We’re going to dive deep into the most up-to-date leading edge research into the psychology of success and what creates genuine, long-term, unshakable confidence.   

In this course, you’ll learn:   

  • The #1 core underlying belief that unlocks genuine confidence—the growth mindset   
  • The 4 traps of self-doubt and how overcome them   
  • Powerful tools for taking action even when you feel paralyzed   
  • How to take your power back   
  • How to overcome fear of failure, risk, and change   
course curriculum
Getting Started 04:00
  • Welcome, Introduction and Meet the Instructors
PART 1: CAREER CHANGE Step 1: Choosing a Career You Love! 91:52
  • Being the Career Detective - The Career Design Blueprint
  • Choosing the Right Career Guidelines
  • Career Change Questionnaire
  • Ten Achievements
  • Clues Exercise
  • Career Design BLUEPRINT
  • Talents, Skills and the Growth Mindset
  • Identifying Your Talents and Skills
  • Talents and Skills Worksheet
  • How to Develop Your Passion (and Why Purpose is Better)
  • Identifying Your Passions and Interests
  • Passions and Interests Worksheet
  • PERSONALITY: Discover Your Type
  • Personality Quiz
  • Archetype Roles
  • Archetype Roles Worksheet
  • What Is and Isnt Working
  • What Is and Isn’t Working Worksheet
  • Intuition and Making a Choice that Feels Right
  • Facing the Fear and Following Through
  • Using What You’ve Learned to Prepare for the Job Search
PART 2: CAREER CHANGE Step 2: Pivoting and Transitioning 37:22
  • Growth Mindset: Yes You Can Learn and Change
  • Repurposing Skills
  • Repurposing Skills Worksheet
  • Steppingstones to a New Career
  • Steppingstones to a New Career Worksheet
  • Making the Most Out of Your Current Position
  • Making the Most of Your Current Position Worksheet
  • Utilizing Your Connections
  • Skill Acquisition and Education
The Future: Disruption and Opportunity 29:07
  • Preparing for the Future Economy: Disruption and Opportunity
  • The Gig Economy Side Hustles and Entrepreneurship
  • Planning for Financial Flexibility
  • Financial Flexibility Worksheet
  • $200 Challenge
PART 3: JOB SEARCH SECRETS! Networking, Resumes and Branding Yourself 19:53
  • Healthy Habits for a Productive Job Search Part 1
  • Healthy Habits for a Productive Job Search Part 2
  • Evening and Morning Routine
Networking: How to Generate Referrals Using LinkedIn 44:17
  • Why Networking on LinkedIn is So Effective
  • Why Networking on LinkedIn is So Effective Overview
  • How to Run a LinkedIn Networking Campaign Part 1
  • How to Run a LinkedIn Networking Campaign Overview
  • How to Run a LinkedIn Networking Campaign Part 2
  • How to Conduct an Informational Interview
  • How to Conduct an Informational Interview Overview
PART 4: Resumes and Branding Yourself for Any Role 28:45
  • Getting Your Story Straight (Exit, Accomplishment and Positioning Statements)
  • Exit, Accomplishment and Positioning Statements
  • Crafting Your Resume
  • Crafting Your Resume Worksheet
  • LinkedIn Best Practices
  • LinkedIn Best Practices Overview
  • How to Brand Yourself for a Role
  • How to Brand Yourself for a Role Overview
PART 4: NAILING THE INTERVIEW! Interview Preparation and Follow-up 70:30
  • Interview Preparation Overview
  • Interview Preparation Overview Overview
  • Preparing for Each Interview Stage
  • Preparing for Each Interview Stage Overview
  • Common Interview Questions and Suggested Answers
  • Common Interview Questions and Suggested Answers Resources
  • Questions to Ask the Interviewer
  • Questions to Ask the Interviewer Overview
  • How to Win Interviewers Over
  • How to Win Interviewers Over Overview
  • Post Interview
  • Post Interview Overview
  • Negotiating for the Best Offer
  • Negotiating for the Best Offer Overview
Wrap Up 01:02
  • Wrap Up

meet your instructors

Joeel and Natalie Rivera

We are Joeel and Natalie Rivera—your soon-to-be coach trainers! (Yes, we’re married AND work together… 24 hours a day… and we LOVE IT!) Below we’ll tell you our story, briefly… the REAL story. The one that wasn’t always easy but that lead us PERFECTLY to this place of living out our life’s purpose and creating the thriving business (and the FREEDOM that comes with it) that we always wanted! 

We seek to ignite a revolution of personal freedom through entrepreneurship, empowering each individual to reach their potential and fulfill their life’s purpose.

 We are freedom junkies and serial entrepreneurs who empower INDIEpreneurs to create a purpose-driven business and fulfill their life’s purpose. We specialize in teaching people how to use their gifts to make money teaching what they know and love through life coaching and online courses. Joeel has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness. 


In 2014, when we converted our print magazine into digital format, we found we could reach an exponential, worldwide market at a fraction of the time and cost. This inspire us to officially become INFOpreneurs. Then, in 2016 we received a proverbial “kick in the pants” to go “all-in” when Joeel fell ill after traveling overseas. Unable to leave the house, they continued to teach and empower others by turning their in-person workshops, speeches and coach training programs into online courses.

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