Focus Mastery + Breakthrough Life Coach Certification 2-in-1

Focus Mastery + Breakthrough Life Coach Certification 2-in-1

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Move Onward, Upward + Forward with Clarity + Focus Mastery PLUS Thrive through Stress, Life Transitions and Healing from Grief and Loss  | Terez "Firewoman" Hartmann

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NOTE: This course is under construction and will be officially released in December 2022! You can still enroll during PRE-LAUNCH and access MOST of the course content, with more goodies being added soon!

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If YOU and/or your CLIENTS are sick of feeling stuck...

Tired of having your path blocked by negative patterns, people or circumstances...

Are just plain DONE with waiting on the world to change...

…And would like to discover and uncover YOUR personal road map to being a high-functioning human who:

  • Continues to thrive

  • Finds ways to get, be and STAY healthy & well

  • Consistently allows abundance & opportunity

  • Enjoys ongoing healthy, happy relationships

  • And truly, fully LIVES life on FIRE – regardless of the Pandemic, economic changes, & global events

What you will learn

  • Discover The Superpowers you carry with you EVERYWHERE you go and how they can help you EVERY step of the way
  • The most important question to ask before starting ANY journey (even before a trip to the grocery store, before a 1st date, when starting a business,etc!)
  • How to truly, actually START your journey, see REAL progress and have FUN (yes ACTUALLY fun - no BS)-even when you`ve been procrastinating doing something for what seems like forever
  • The 4 life 'Zones' and how to get maximum benefit from each of them
  • How to call your future forward NOW
  • How to make the most of fully enjoying NOW while still fueling forward motion & feeling productive
  • How to use tech & the media to feed Good Vibes & forward motion
  • How to let go, disrupt old patterns and 'up-cycle' history

Join top-rated instructor, Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann, for a fun and enlightening course filled with leading-edge ideas, insights, true stories, and powerful, practical tools for moving and LIVING Onward, Upward & Forward!