Learn life coaching industry best practices. Help clients be successful, achieve their goals, and reach their dreams!


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15 Hour Program

Fulfill your purpose as
a GOAL SUCCESS life Coach

Do you have a dream or a life goal that remains unfulfilled?
Do you want to work with clients who want to fulfill their dreams and goals?
Want to be the person people come to when they want to make things happen?

Join us and become a Certified Goal Success Life Coach.

Everyone has his/her own definition of success in the same way that everyone has unique dreams for their life. But, all success depends on achieving meaningful goals, whether personal, career or business, by having a solid short and long term plan. The good news is that goal attainment is a process, like building a house or baking a cake. There are a set of plans or a recipe that needs to be followed, and this certification program gives you the tools to implement this proven recipe with your clients!

Ready to start turning dreams into reality?

"Yes, this is what I was seaching for myself. Motivation itself cannot work untill and unless we give commands to our brain. and visualise after setting up goals. Thank you both of you, you are doing really good job. Thank you."

- Megha S.

"I want you to know I think your courses are very very good! I am working through most of the activities as I go and they are truly life-changing. I really appreciate the nice downloadable worksheets you provide. I feel like I really have the resources necessary to coach a client! I am enrolled in a couple of your courses on building a coaching business and am hoping to gain the confidence to “do this thing!” But of course, the main thing is to just get out there and try!"

- Barbara W.

"This course was more than I expected. I am so excited to take what I've learned and begin helping clients. So grateful for this amazing opportunity. The training was Exceptional!!!"

- Antoinette C.

What you'll learn

The Goal Success Coach Certification program provides life coaching industry best practices and powerful tools and techniques to help your clients be successful, achieve their goals, and reach their dreams! You'll learn a tried-and-true 4-step process to help clients achieve any goal.

From initial goal setting, to crafting a plan for success, to holding people accountable day after day, you'll learn how to help clients create a big vision for their life and actually make it happen.

  • Identify what people really want
  • Help people stop limiting their dreams
  • Find a big enough reason why to commit to their goals
  • Hold clients to a higher personal standard
  • Create a compelling vision for someone's live
  • Create concrete plans for long term success
  • Identify and stop limiting beliefs
  • How to prevent procrastination
  • Psychology of what creates long term change in people
  • Embrace change and release resistance
  • Obliterate all self-doubt and teach others how to truly believe in themselves
  • Keep clients motivated and held accountable to keep moving forward
  • How to provide strategies, tools and resources that help people live their dream

... and lastly, you'll receive all of the done-for-you templates, intake forms, worksheets, and questionnaires you need to start coaching right away.



Your certification awaits you

Upon course completion, you'll receive an official digital (PDF) certification as well as the option to request a printed certificate and/or CPD/CEU credits through the CPD Standards Office.

Meet Your Instructor

We are Joeel and Natalie Rivera—your soon-to-be coach trainers!

We empower INDIEpreneurs to create a purpose-driven business and use their gifts to make money doing what they love through life coaching and entrepreneurship. They have more than 700,000 coaching students from 200 countries and territories. Joeel has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness.

See what our students are saying...


  • Desire to make a meaningful difference in other people's lives
  • Are ready to be a change-maker and force for transformation
  • Want to learn a variety of skills you can apply to your every day life
  • Appreciate a straight-forward, info-packed, done-for-you learning experience
  • Enjoy learning at your own pace and want to get started quickly

You can't go wrong with our

"I Love This Training" Guarantee!

We know there's no way you're truly able to decide if a course or certification program is right for you until you actually get inside.

So today, we're not asking you to decide if this the perfect program for you. 
We're inviting you to take a look around and assess whether the information our experts have laid out for you is worth your time and attention.

At the end of the day, we value your transformation over profit.

Yes, we're extremely confident that this training will transform your life just the way it's transformed the lives of over 700,000 students across the globe.

But  if for any reason -- whether it's in 30 minutes or in 30 days -- you decide this course isn't for you, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund you right away.

No questions asked, no explanation needed, no monkey business.


Your clients are waiting!
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NOTE: In some devices, discounts won't show until the CHECKOUT PAGE.

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