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Fulfill your purpose as
a Spiritual life Coach

Are you a purpose-driven life coach (or want to be)?

Do you want to help your clients create a life of fulfillment and connection?

Do you want to create a thriving spiritually-based life coaching business?

Join us and become a
Certified Spiritual Life Coach.

Learn how to tap into levels of the self that elevate your coaching to levels of connection that go beyond the norm, with the use of your intuitive awareness and applying rituals for success.

Whether your clients are working toward goals in their career, their relationships, or their personal or spiritual growth, you will learn how to bring a higher level of alignment and balance to their lives, connect to the clarity of what is needed to lead clients more productively into success, while experiencing deeper levels of connection and meaning in your coaching sessions

"As a Peak Performance Coach and Reiki Grandmaster, I must say that what I learned at the Transformational Academy was absolutely phenomenal!"

- Joseph G.

"I am so glad to have received this guidance and I can't wait to guide my existing clients and new ones on their healing path."

- Rossana M.

"This course not only provided me with excellent tools to be a successful Spiritual Coach. It helped me gain clarity, peace of mind, and knowledge."

- Krista M.

What you'll learn

By awakening your own mastery through the exercises in this course, you will develop a congruent way to lead your clients to their own alignment, success and mastery.

This unique life coach training program eloquently incorporates practical coaching strategies while integrating the soul, spirit, and energy that goes beyond the physical. It empowers people to awaken their unique soul gifts and engages the deeper driving forces of living on purpose.

  • How to transform your own life and the lives of your clients
  • How to organize essential logistics for business and freedom
  • The elemental aspects of the self that need to be brought to balance to succeed in life and as a coach
  • How to connect to your Higher Self
  • The art of creating sacred spaces
  • The keys to more deeply connecting with your clients
  • How to help your clients get into self alignment
  • How to discover and identify your gifts and to lead with purpose and clarity
  • How to name, craft, package, price and design your Spiritual Coaching Program

... and lastly, you'll receive all of the done-for-you templates, intake forms, worksheets, and questionnaires you need to start coaching right away.



Your certification awaits you

Upon course completion, you'll receive an official digital (PDF) certification as well as the option to request a printed certificate and/or CPD/CEU credits through the CPD Standards Office.

Meet Your Instructor

Emily Rivera is a national speaker, trainer, coach and intuitive practitioner who has guided countless individuals and groups across the United States on a journey towards self-discovery. Through Emily’s seminars and individual sessions, participants learn to identify and understand guidance and unlock the power of their personal intuition to better create the life of their dreams. From showing clients how to tune into their spirituality, innate intuition, sharing techniques for attracting and fostering healthy relationships and encouraging the release of mental barriers.

Emily is also a certified Angel Healing Practitioner and author on Angels Guidance who has dedicated her life to the service of sharing the messages, guidance, tools and love of Spirit.

See what our students are saying...

"I would recommend this spiritual coach course to anyone who has ever considered this area of coaching. Very clear content with reinforcement on many of the concepts I’m already implementing. Easy to follow and the meditations were truly powerful. I can see why she is a highly successful coach… very inspiring."

- Azucena S.

"Emily has a very graceful energy and i love her calm deliverance of each lesson. Learned so much from her guided meditations and have used it in my own personal meditations. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to help people but feels a formal certification is holding them back."

- Simone N.

"So far, this has been a very amazing course. Very informative with loads of printable materials. Thought provoking questions. I am very excited to use what I have learned with clients. Everything is easy to listen to!"

- Tara


  • Desire to make a meaningful difference in other people's lives
  • Are ready to be a change-maker and force for transformation
  • Want to learn a variety of skills you can apply to your every day life
  • Appreciate a straight-forward, info-packed, done-for-you learning experience
  • Enjoy learning at your own pace and want to get started quickly

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No questions asked, no explanation needed, no monkey business.

Give it a try… Thousands of thriving, grateful students can’t be wrong! The only thing that we ask in return for this amazing deal is for you to truly apply what you have learned and then use it to transform the lives of those around you!


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