Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification

Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification

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Discover the secret to manifestation, affirmations, raising your vibration, abundance & happiness using LOA & psychology | taught by Terez "Firewoman" Hartmann
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Do you love the idea of inspiring others to attract and allow the best and live life on fire by using the law of attraction?  

Does the idea of empowering another human being to truly come alive, take back their personal power, and remember who they are REALLY rock your world?  

Would YOU love to experience more positive and rewarding interactions with anyone and everyone who matters to you?  

If any of the above rings true for you, we’d like to invite you to become a Certified Law of Attraction & Allowing Success Life Coach!

The Law of Attraction life coach certification program provides you with high-vibe, result-oriented coaching processes and tools that you can use to help your clients allow their success by mastering the LAW OF ATTRACTION in their lives. You’ll discover why there is FAR more to working with the Law of Attraction than vision boards and affirmations, and most importantly, REALIZE YOUR VISION for yourself, your coaching business, and coach your clients to do the same!  

The Law of Attraction Certification will help you supercharge your coaching or service-oriented practice by:

  • Applying law of attraction  principles to your business 

  • Attracting your IDEAL CLIENTS

  • Getting yourself in a state of ALLOWING before every session

  • Create your own Law of Attraction Coaching program (using our “Allowing Your Success” process as a blueprint or customizing your own)

You will help your CLIENTS:

  • Cultivate trust in themselves to find their own answers and solutions

  • Recover from major life challenges like a champ

  • Know when it is best to take action and when it is best to chill

  • Find their path of least resistance to their greatest well-being and success at ANY given moment

  • Quiet a runaway mind

  • Unlock a block and allow ideas, solutions, and creativity to flow

  • Experience greater clarity, focus, and excellence

  • Become master manifestors

  • Allow abundance to flow with greater joy and ease

  • Cultivate greater self-love and confidence

  • Attract, allow and enjoy healthy, rewarding, productive relationships 

  • Use the power of music to shift their vibe

  • LET GOOD (AKA whatever their beautiful heart desires) happen and ENJOY the journey along the way!

Plus, you’ll learn the science and psychology behind the law of attraction so that you and you clients can gain a better understanding of the true power of the mind. You’ll learn:

  • Where the law of attraction and psychological research intersect 

  • How to get your brain focused in the right direction

  • Why visualization works and why it’s used by athletes and top performers

  • How affirmations literally rewire your brain

  • And how emotions work (and how to stop negative emotions before they start)

  • Plus… bonuses, upgrades, and happy surprises along the way! 

And, to add the icing and cherry on top…
…Knowing that YOU get to be a catalyst for fab-YOU-lous and that you get to witness a fellow traveler switch her/his light on to really start living life on FIRE is one of the greatest joys a coach or mentor can experience!!  And, the sprinkles on top of all THAT? Every time you revisit this material, design a program, and work with a client, YOU focus on Allowing YOUR Success, joy, and well-being!  Talk about a win-win-two-for-one-special-to-the-max!

Feeling excited about igniting and transforming lives while Allowing YOUR Success in the process?!  Then we look forward to seeing you in the course.


The Law of Attraction Certification is taught by three experts in the fields of life coaching, personal development, and psychology. Instructors Joeel & Natalie Rivera are infopreneurs, content publishers, coaches, and professional speakers. Joeel is a former Psychology Professor with a Masters’ in Counseling and is completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with a focus on happiness. They have more than 500,000 thousand students from over 195 countries.

Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann is a Law of Attraction/Allowing specialist who helps others live life on fire through her work as a professional speaker, author, coach, retreat facilitator and recording/performing artist. She’s taken the stage for Disney, Hard Rock, the Superbowl, international conferences and more, had her music used for film, radio and theater, and together we look forward to helping you allow your success!

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Students who complete this certification course will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also ACCREDITED by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and CPD/CEU credits are available upon request.

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Welcome 15:54

Introduction and Meet the Instructors
Welcome Handout
How to Use This Course
IMPORTANT: Coaching Code of Ethics
All Course Documents in One Handy Place
IMPORTANT: Life Coaching Disclaimer

Law of Attraction Foundation 57:47

Law of Attraction on Fire Part 1 FREE PREVIEW
LOA on Fire Part 1
Law of Attraction on Fire Part 2--Your Core Self
Law of Attraction on Fire Part 2--Contrast
LOA on Fire Part 2
Allowing Your Success Part 1
Allowing Your Success
Allowing Your Success Part 2
Your Journey So Far
Your Journey So Far

The Psychology and Science of the Law of Attraction 98:10

Using Psychology in Your Coaching
Introduction to Psychology and LOA
FOCUS and the Reticular Activating System (RAS)
Focus and the Reticular Activating System
AFFIRMATIONS and Rewiring the Brain
Affirmations and Rewiring the Brain
VISUALIZATION and Brain Science
Visualization Brain Science
POSITIVE THINKING and the Psychology of Happiness
Positive Thinking and the Psychology of Happiness
EXPECTATIONS and the Self Fulfilling Prophecy
Expectations and the Self Fulfilling Prophecy
Thoughts Create Emotions
Thoughts Create Emotions
The Biology of Emotions
Biology of Emotions
Catching Negative Emotions Early (Limbic System)
Catching Negative Emotions Early
Minimizing Negative Influences (Mirror Neurons)
Mirror Neurons
Your Journey So Far (Psychology and Science)
Psyhology Summary

Tools for Life Coaching Success 119:48

Coaching the Coach
Coaching the Coach
Your Core Focus
Your Core Focus
Precedent for Excellence-
Precedence for Excellence
Structure as a Complement to Flow
Structure as a Complement to Flow
Forms for a Fabulous Focus
Forms for a Fabulous Focus
Editable Templates and Forms
Allowing Value for ALL
Allowing Value for ALL
Fee Structure Ideas
Fee Structure Ideas
Allowing a Successful Interview
Allowing a Successful Interview
Coaching Program Flow
Your First and Recurring Sessions
Your Journey So Far
Your Journey So Far

Coach's Corner: Power Tools for Law of Attraction 353:11

About Coachs Corner
About Coachs Corner Handout
Getting the Most Out of Your Tools
The Power of Focus--Insights
The Power of Focus--Power Tools
Focus Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Focus
CC-The Power of FOCUS Handout
The Power of Presence--Insights
The Power of Presence--Power Tools
Presence Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Presence
CC-The Power of PRESENCE Handout
The Power of Beauty--Insights
The Power of Beauty--Power Tools
Beauty Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Beauty
CC-The Power of BEAUTY Handout
The Power of Nature--Insights
The Power of Nature--Power Tools
Nature Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Nature
CC-The Power of NATURE Handout
BONUS: Nature Relaxation Video
The Power of Appreciation--Insights
The Power of Appreciation--Power Tools
Appreciation Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Appreciation
CC-The Power of APPRECIATION Handout
The Power of Authenticity--Insights
The Power of Authenticity--Power Tools
Authenticity Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Authenticity
CC-The Power of AUTHENTICITY Handout
The Power of Ownership--Insights
The Power of Ownership--Power Tools
Ownership Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Ownership
CC-The Power of OWNERSHIP Handout
The Power of Expression--Insights
The Power of Expression--Power Tools
Expression Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Expression
CC-The Power of EXPRESSION Handout
BONUS: Gag Reel and Outtakes (for the Power of Humor)
The Power of Humor--Insights
The Power of Humor--Power Tools
Humor Worksheet
COACH'S CORNER: The Power of Humor
CC-The Power of HUMOR Handout
The Power of Harmony--Insights
The Power of Harmony--Power Tools
Harmony Works


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