The Transformation Mastery Platinum Membership + Mentorship offers never-seen-before perks including:

  • 4 hours of LIVE VIP group coaching each month
  • Access to the entire Transformation Academy Course and Certification Catalog
  • Ongoing 24/7 support 
  • No long term commitment, cancel any time (monthly subscription)

We invite you to join our exclusive VIP Membership program:
Transformation Mastery - Platinum Membership + Mentorship

Unlock a world of opportunities with our premier membership, only available to Quantum Leap Graduates. Gain unlimited access to ALL courses and certifications, and elevate your learning experience with personalized coaching and mentorship from a Transformation Academy coach.


40+ Niche Life Coach Certifications

Transformation Academy is the ONLY life coach training company that offers 40+ niche life coach certification programs. (Check them out here.)

Our life coach certification programs each provide a COMPLETE, done-for-you life coaching package, with all of the processes and activities to get your clients immediate results. Use our blueprints verbatim with your one-on-one or group coaching clients or custom design your own program, combining what you learn from us with your own unique approach.

Plus, you get access to our entire catalog of courses, including our entrepreneurship and personal development courses, too.

Master Coach Training Programs

You get access to ALL of Transformation Academy’s master-level training programs! These advanced bundles provide well-rounded training focused on a specific area.
Available programs include:

  • Master Life Coach
  • Master Mindset Coach
  • Master Transformation Coach
  • Master Spiritual Coach
  • Master Wellness Coach

Each of the above programs include 4 individual niche coach certifications. For any of these master programs, when you complete all 4 courses in that bundle, you earn the Master certification. Membership provides to all individual courses in these master programs.

Live Business Mentorship + Group Coaching

By going Platinum, you get the added benefits of: 

  • Go at your own pace coaching
  • 4 hours of LIVE VIP group mentorship per month
  • 24 hour access in a private Facebook group
  • VIP experience in an intimate container
  • Get support on what you need, when you need it
  • Deep dives + Bonus Masterclasses on sticky topics
  • Community of coaches who are committed to success

Exclusive Benefits & Perks

  • 24-hour lifetime access to all courses you complete
  • Complete courses at your own pace
  • Downloadable workbook materials you can use with your clients
  • Earn official certification and logo/badge upon completion (printed copies available)
  • Free CPD/CEU credits
  • Free ebooks from Transformation Publishing
  • Free listing in our coach directory

LIVE Business Mentorship & Group Coaching

Once you join, you'll get: 

  • Immediate access to the private Facebook group where you can start receiving support now
  • Immediate access to the entire Transformation Academy Course and Certification Catalog
  • Invite to all upcoming Business Mentorship Calls (as long as you are an active member)

Monthly charge. No long term commitment, cancel any time


And why are our prices so low? If you know anything about us, you know that we are purpose-driven and not money driven. In fact, we know we can sell our programs for thousands of dollars. In fact, we have. However, our purpose in life is to help as many people as we can and leave this world a better place. The only way to do that is to make this much-needed training affordable and accessible to people all over the world.

If you join us, the only thing that we ask from you is to pay-it-forward and to make the difference that you are meant to make.

We are honored to have served 700,000 students from 200 countries and territories. But, is not about us; it is about the larger impact that we create together, around the world. One person can make a difference, but together we have a movement.Thank you for transforming with us!

Joeel & Natalie Rivera
Transformation Academy

See what past students are saying...

"This course was phenomenal and blew away my expectations."

- Daniel J.

"All the tools I need to succeed and have confidence to succeed in my new journey."

- Nazia M.

"This is the best investment I've made in myself".

- Sian W.



  • EXCLUSIVE access to LIVE mentorship + group coaching!
  • All 40+ niche life coach certifications
  • All courses that are part of our MASTER level programs
  • All 40+ personal development and business courses
  • All FUTURE courses, too!
  • Free professional PRINTED certificates (normally $5 each)
  • RESOURCE DIRECTORY including editable copies of all worksheets from courses
  • Free CPD/CEU credits (if applicable to your industry)
  • FREE EBOOKS from Transformation Publishing

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