Onward, Upward and Forward!

Let go, move on, go beyond and THRIVE - even in Covid/Pandemic times!

What you will learn

Discover The Superpowers you carry with you EVERYWHERE you go and how they can help you EVERY step of the way
The most important question to ask before starting ANY journey (even before a trip to the grocery store, before a 1st date, when starting a business,etc!)
How to truly, actually START your journey, see REAL progress and have FUN (yes ACTUALL fun - no BS)-even when you`ve been procrastinating doing something for what seems like forever
The 4 life 'Zones' and how to get maximum benefit from each of them
How to call your future forward NOW
How to make the most of fully enjoying NOW while still fueling forward motion & feeling productive
How to use tech & the media to feed Good Vibes & forward motion
How to let go, disrupt old patterns and 'up-cycle' history

skills you will gain

Continue to thrive no matter WHAT is going on around you Coping with stress and prioritize staying healthy and well Get out and stay out of drama and old patterns Overcome procrastination and stuckness Deliberately move onward, upward and forward from where you are right now
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Praise for Transformation Academy

about this course

If YOU are sick of feeling stuck...

Tired of having your path blocked by negative patterns, people or circumstances...

Are just plain DONE with waiting on the world to change...

…And would like to discover and uncover YOUR personal road map to being a high-functioning human who:

  • Continues to thrive

  • Finds ways to get, be and STAY healthy & well

  • Consistently allows abundance & opportunity

  • Enjoys ongoing healthy, happy relationships

  • And truly, fully LIVES life on FIRE – regardless of the Pandemic, economic changes, & global events

Join top-rated instructor, Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann, for a fun and enlightening course filled with leading-edge ideas, insights, true stories, and powerful, practical tools for moving and LIVING Onward, Upward & Forward!

course curriculum
Section 1: Introduction to OUF
  • Video 1: Welcome and About OUF
  • Video 2: Get the Most From Your Journey OUF
Section 2: Navigation Preparation
  • Video 3: Your Navigation Superpowers: Part 1
  • Video 4: Your Navigation Superpowers: Part 2
  • Video 5: THE Most Important Question
  • Video 6: Navigation Preparation Recap
Section 3: Navigating The 5 Life Zones
  • Video 7:The 5 Life Zones (Introduction)
  • Video 8: ZONE#1: The Complacency Zone
  • Video 9: ZONE#2: The Crisis Zone
  • Video 10: ZONE#3: The Clarity Zone
  • Video 11: ZONE#4: The Contentment Zone
  • Video 12: ZONE#5: The Forward Flow Zone (FFZ)
  • Video 13: Navigating The 5 Life Zones Recap - PLUS
Section 4: Magic Formulas For Moving Forward NOW
  • Video 14: Magic Formulas For Moving Forward NOW (Introduction)
  • Video 15: The Magic Target
  • Video 16: 10 Minute Magic
  • Video 17: Get Off Your 'But' & Move! Part 1
  • Video 18: Get Off Your 'But' & Move! Part 2
  • Video 19: Magic Formulas & OUF 1st Half Recap
  • Video 20: Move to the Beat!

meet your instructors

Terez "Firewoman" Hartmann

This course is taught by Visionary Creative & top-rated instructor, Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann, a Law of Attraction & Allowing YOUR Success specialist, published author, speaker, singer-songwriter, recording & performing artist & composer, “Catalyst for Fab-YOU-lous” and true Renaissance Woman who has already helped over 10,000 students in over 130 countries allow success and live life on FIRE.

She is a “Dream Achiever,” "Amazing Woman of the Year," and “Moxy Woman” award recipient and has performed for clients including Walt Disney World, Coca Cola and Universal Studios - along with several international conventions & conferences. She's been a contributing writer with the International publication, Transformation Coaching Magazine, since 2012 and has had her music featured in film, radio, theater and the hit Netflix series, "Tiger King," with over 64 million views worldwide. She has also attracted and allowed a joy-filled, ongoing relationship spanning over 20 years with her husband, soul mate and creative partner John, has overcome great health, genetic & family challenges, and is deeply passionate about helping other Powerful Creatives and Leading-Edge Thinkers live unique, empowered lives on their terms by cultivating the courage to dream, to express themselves boldly & authentically, and to focus Onward, Upward and Forward into new possibilities.

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