Complete Guide to Self-Care and Boundary Setting

Complete Guide to Self-Care, Self-Love, Boundary Setting, Saying "No" and Taking Your Power Back


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Self-Care = Transformation Create a daily routine that allows you to live life thriving!

 Self-care is the most important component of developing confidence and fulfillment!

Unfortunately, our self-care needs are often overlooked or seen as low-priorities. When people cross our boundaries and we don’t have the skills to do anything about it, it leaves us feeling helpless. When we’re around people with toxic energy and we don’t know how to protect ourselves, we feel drained and overwhelmed. Even with our best intentions to be happy and take care of our wellbeing, obligations to others and not knowing how to put ourselves first can lead to burnout. Learning self-care isn’t just about the mani's & pedi's. It’s not just about spa days. It’s about your overall wellness, remembering to breathe, eat healthy, drink water, rest, exercise, and do things that bring joy and fulfillment. This self-care course was designed to offer valuable tools to help you move past blockages and negative thoughts, do what feeds and honors you, set clear boundaries and take your power back.

Tap into the power within and reach your next level in self-care and self-love!

In this course, you will explore key components of self-care. The videos and workbooks will help you better understand why self-care is so important. You will also learn how to help others with their self-care journey! This training will focus on some key areas such as:

>Healing & Self-Love
>Honoring Yourself
>The Power of Boundaries and Saying “NO” (And “YES”)
>Coping with Toxic Energy
>Self-Care Tools

You will receive a blueprint for morning routines and mantras; you will have activities to support you in filling up your own cup. You will understand ways of setting healthy boundaries and what boundary setting is. Finally, you will learn how to recognize toxic energy and how to avoid it or change it so you feel empowered.

"Great content. Each topic is explained in simple terms, examples of behaviour patterns and actions to take to resolve the issue. Taking lots of notes and have already implemented some of the solutions. Especially like the advice of breaking things into manageable, smaller steps."

- Erica B.

"I absolutely love these topics covered in this course. Everyone should learn how to set their own boundaries and learn how to check in with themselves for self-care. Learning how "to help ourselves first" has been an eye-opening experience, especially as someone who has been a helper and people-pleaser my whole life. This course is full of incredibly empowering tools for boundary setting, confidence-building, and mental/physical well-being that I'll be using every day. These lessons are important for dealing with not ourselves but also all of the relationships we have with our family, friends and others."

- Casey M.

"I just love their teaching/coaching style, so personable and upbeat.

I have completed four courses now and I can't wait to take four more!!

  Bliss be with you always..."

- Travis F.

What you'll learn

  • How and why self-care, self-love and setting boundaries are so important for developing confidence and self-esteem, as well as healthy relationships.
  • How to cope with, confront, and protect yourself from toxic energy,
  • The vital difference between “helping” (saving) others and “supporting” them.
  • How to say “no” in a healthy, firm way (and saying healthy “yes”, only when you actually mean it).
  • How to take care of yourself and honor your own needs.
  • How to do your own healing work (and as a result be better able to support others).
  • How to set healthy boundaries (and why it’s so important).


Your certification awaits you

Upon course completion, you'll receive an official digital (PDF) certification as well as the option to request a printed certificate and/or CPD/CEU credits through the CPD Standards Office.

Meet Your Instructor

Tasha Ina Church (with Joeel & Natalie Rivera)

Tasha Ina Church is the primary instructor in this course, along with Joeel & Natalie Rivera. Tasha is an Empowerment Coach in the Hawaiian Islands, offering retreats, private group coaching, and empowerment self-defense trainings to emerging women leaders so they can be their own heroes.

Joeel & Natalie are Lead Trainers at Transformation Academy, with 700,000 students from 200 countries and territories.

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Complete Guide to Self-Care and Boundary Setting

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