Side Hustle Business Startup

Side Hustle Business Startup

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Make more, work less, startup a side hustle or business so you can get paid doing what you love and quit your job! | taught by Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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  • Are you tired of feeling stressed about your finances?
  • Do you wish you didn’t feel dependent on someone else for a paycheck?
  • Do you wish you could provide more for those you love?
  • Do you wish you could make money doing what you love?

We understand… we both started our first side hustles because we wanted more out of life.

In fact we got tired of living paycheck to paycheck and feeling like we were trapped. We hated that we had to stress about whether or not we could afford to buy something or do what we really we wanted. 

We believe self-employment is the ultimate form of empowerment, and we want to empower YOU to take back control of your money, your life, and your freedom! 

We are joeel and Natalie Rivera. We’re serial entrepreneurs who have started businesses including:

  • Photography company

  • Import business

  • Holistic virtual office center

  • Adolescent coaching center for at risk youth

  • Book publishing company

  • Magazine

  • Life coach training institute

  • Conferences, festivals and speaking

  • Online course academy

The real transformation happened for us when we realized that we could have an idea, research it and launch it and make more money in a week than we made at our job in a month. We have created over a dozen side hustles in over 2 decades, and we used what we learned to escape the rat race and build a thriving business that allows us to live life on our terms. And now we’re teaching everything we’ve learned to you.

Now is the perfect time to create a side hustle. Technological advancements have made it fast and easy to create and market a business or plug into existing money-making side-gigs. 

There’s a new business guru popping up every day—but the problem is there is SO MUCH information being thrown around about how to make money or start a business. And, worse, a lot feels so complicated and overwhelming… like raising capital and managing employees… and it sounds expensive and time consuming! But, what if making money on your terms, doing what you love, didn’t have to be so hard—well, it doesn’t! 

There are literally hundreds of ways you could start making money TOMORROW in your spare time… 

… and if you want to go beyond just making some extra cash, you can use proven processes for growing your side hustle into a business that can replace your job and give you the freedom to love your life again.

In this course, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to:

  • Choose the right side hustle idea for you and flesh out how to launch it

  • Find time, stay motivated, and start quick

  • Hack productivity, automate, and scale your business

The best part about creating a side hustle NOW is that entrepreneurship is the future of employment. With all of the changes happening in the world due to rapid technological growth, we are moving to a gig economy. While our grandparents’ generation had 1 job in their lifetime and our parents had an average of 5 jobs, it is projected that our children will have 5 at a time—and most not as an employee. Don’t wait to see if your industry is going to change dramatically in the next 10 years, start taking back control of your finances and your life NOW by learning how to play the game of entrepreneurship. 

Self-employment is the ultimate form of empowerment, so we are excited to see you in the course!


We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera. We have over 500,000+ students from 195 countries. Our courses are all based on our educational background in psychology and education, our experience as life coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs, as well as Joeel’s background as a psychology instructor, his Master’s in Counseling and his research on happiness for his dissertation for his PH.D. in Psychology.

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Generating Ideas for Your Side Hustle 41:59

Introduction to Hustling
Generating Ideas for Business Startups
Idea Strategy 1: Start with You
Idea Strategy 2: Piggy-backing on Trends
Idea Strategy 3: Scratch Your Own Itch
Idea Strategy 4: Probing for Pain
The Power of Brainstorming
The Secrets of Research
Getting It on Paper (or a Napkin)
F the Business Plan
Side Hustle Business IDEAS & Resources
IDEAS Services-Get Paid to DO What You Love
IDEAS Local Gigs and Work from Home
IDEAS Sell or Rent Your Stuff or Space
IDEAS Sell Tangible Stuff Online
IDEAS Make Money off Information Products Online
IDEAS Art, Design, and Creative Side Hustles
IDEAS Make Money with Your Car (or Other Vehicle)
IDEAS Make Money in Your Spare Time (or Doing What You Are Already Doing)
Additional Resources

Selecting Your Side Hustle 30:54

Assessing Potential
Potential Assessment
Making It Official: Selecting Your Side Hustle
Making It Official Worksheet
Setting Your Price
Setting Your Price

Master Your Mindset 34:50

Getting Out of the Mental Rut of Limitation
The $200 Challenge
Mastering Your Money Mindset
Finding Time for Your Side Hustle (Yes, You Have It)
Finding Time Worksheet
Fail Fast, Fail Often
Whats the Point?
What is the Point?
The Power of Pain and Pleasure
The Power of Pain and Pleasure

Getting Prepared 26:52

Understanding Your Customers
Understanding Your Customers
Making It Legit
The Money Game
Social Proof and Credibility
The Legal Stuff
The Money Game Making It Financially Viable
The Legal Stuff

Getting Started 38:31

How to Reach Your Customers
Reach Your Customers
Expressing Your Message
Expressing Your Message
BONUS Elevator Pitch Worksheet
Resourcefulness Developing an "I'll Figure It Out" Attitude
Identifying What You Need
Creating a Workflow
Show Me the Money

Execution 23:42

Countdown to Launch
Setting Goals and Creating an Action Plan
Goals and Planning Worksheet
Testing and Assessment
Follow-Up and Follow-Through

Improvement and Expansion 41:43

Productivity and Automation Hacks
Creativity: Thinking Bigger and Being More Clever
Outsourcing (and Other Resources)
Doing Something Every Day
Dealing with "No" and Leveraging "Yeses"
The $1,000 Challenge
Knowing When to Quit
Questions to Answer Before Quitting Your Job

Marketing Tips 17:18

Leveraging Others’ Customers
Asking for Referrals
Urgency and Calls to Action

Wrap Up and What's Next? 03:06



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