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Aligning Heart & Wallet - Lessons Learned from Growing a Massive Audience, Going in Debt, and Starting Over with Spirit

Ft. Kevin Crenshaw

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aligning heart and wallet as an entrepreneur

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The importance of shifting to a bigger vision
  • It’s possible to build a coaching business based on something other than helping people to earn more money.
  • Kevin’s secret to overcoming imposter syndrome. 
  • How his breakdowns led to massive breakthroughs.
  • Why he’s moved his $3000 course to be free on youtube.
  • The reality of the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.
  • How he still creates consistent content, even though he no longer abides by a content schedule.

Connect with Kevin:

[00:10] Kevin’s bumpy entrepreneurial journey.
[06:47] Trust intuition, embrace authenticity.
[15:58] Shifting from paid to free.
[17:32] Leading with service first.
[24:07] Shift mindset around money.
[29:33] Awakening and connecting to something bigger.
[34:08] Embracing your current chapter fully.
[40:28] Follow your heart, not the money.
[43:26] Blocks and getting out of the way.
[50:08] Relationship endings lead to growth.
[51:14] Be authentic in your coaching.

Connect with Kevin:

About Our Guest

Kevin Crenshaw

Kevin Crenshaw, best known as “The Heart Guy”, has been facilitating healing, embodiment, and activation spaces in person for over a decade. His own heartache and near death experiences lead him to extensive research and training in relationship dynamics, trauma, and human transformation. Kevin has coached tens of thousands of people to experience more inner peace, deeper intimacy, and to live a life from the heart. In this episode, Kevin shares his incredible journey as an entrepreneur and the shifts he has experienced along the way. From network marketing to building his audience, burning it down only to rebuilt it again, Kevin has truly embraced the power of authenticity and connecting to something bigger than himself. One of the key takeaways from this episode is the importance of trusting your intuition and following your own path, rather than getting caught up in the noise and seeking a secret formula. Kevin reminds us to tap into ourselves, discover our unique message, and focus on helping others.

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