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Using Human Design to Create an Aligned Life & Biz

Ft. Malaine Leah Butler

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using your unique Design to grow your business and transform your life

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The various energy types in the human design framework
  • Why some energy types are more suited for hard work and hustle culture
  • How to find fulfillment based on your chart 
  • What is your “profile” and how it impacts your life
  • How to make decisions based on your energy type
  • The difference between Manifesting Generators, and Generators
  • Why some profiles are so rare. 

Jump Ahead:

04:46 Embody and activate your design.
09:07Reflectors are rare and highly sensitive beings
09:44 Reflectors and their chameleon-like nature.
12:51 Understanding different energy types is important.
14:33 Operating in spurts.
23:51 Embrace trial and error for growth.
28:56 Live by your unique design.
36:12 Understanding your energy type matters.
36:21 Success verses satisfaction.

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About Our Guest

Malaine Leah Butler

Malaine Leah Butler is a master coach & transformational business aka The Alignment Queen serving purpose driven leaders to transform their business so that they can prioritize family & a life of financial freedom through the modality of Human Design. She has been running her coaching practice for 8 years, has served hundreds of people in transforming, expanding & upleveling their lives. Malaine has been featured in Money INC, Huffington Post, Life Coach Magazine, Addicted to Success Podcast, Elephant Journal, Spiritual Awakening Podcast, Entrepreneur INC. When Malaine is not serving her clients she is being a mother to Jack, Liam, Ava, step son Cameron, angel mother to Noah, shopping with a mocha in hand or hanging with her husband in Auckland NZ.

In today’s episode, Malaine shares her journey of discovering human design while traveling the world and explains how it has deepened her understanding of herself and her clients. She discusses her initial skepticism and how the magic of human design ultimately found her again, after losing her son. Tune in to learn more about human design and its potential for living a more aligned life.


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