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Become Magnetic and Empowered as a Coach by Embodying Your Unique Human Design

Ft. Hannah Becker

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Becoming an empowered and magnetic Coach using human design  

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Which social media platforms to leverage, based on your energy type. 
  • The difference between Mani-gens and Generators.
  • How to choose your offerings based on your authority type. 
  • The superpower of having a Sacral Authority. 
  • How Human Design charts vary from person to person. 
  • Why your multi-passionate nature may be your super power. 
  • What makes you magnetic, depending on your energy type. 

Jump Ahead:

02:40 Understanding our human design chart.
9:33 Different authorities and their significance.
13:07 Managing proactive and reactive tendencies in your business, based on your energy type.
16:11 Building a business framework using your design.
18:30 Emotional authority and decision-making.
21:02 Embracing Multi-Passionate Business.
25:24 Nuances of bringing projects to fruition.
32:39 Flaws transformed into strengths.
35:55 Sales strategies for different energy types.
46:42 Packaging and scaling offerings as a Projector.

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About Our Guest

Hannah Becker

As a Mindset and business coach, Hannah helps Coaches and healers to reclaim their intuitive power & create massive abundance on repeat. She helps entrepreneurs establish abundance and flow without the grind. The hustle culture has led so many incredible coaches and entrepreneurs straight to burnout and it doesn't have to be that way. Hannah uses Human Design to help her clients tap into their unique gifts, and align their business with their one-of-a-kind chart. In today’s episode we get deep into the nuances of Human Design, and talk about how (and why) it can be so powerful to structure your coaching business with your design in mind.


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