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Leveraging Universal Laws to Manifest Your Dream Coaching Business

Ft. Sanda Kruger

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The Power of Intuition and Universal Laws in Holistic Coaching

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The importance of shifting your identity to embrace your new role as a coach.
  • What to do after you’ve identified the limiting belief.
  • What not to do when you’re trying to call in clients.
  • How important intuition will play in business.
  • What are the Universal Laws and how can you apply them in your business.
  • How to overcome time scarcity by finding flow state.

Jump Ahead:

04:59 - How Fitness Coaching Evolved to Life Coaching
07:39 - The Importance of Mindset in Coaching
08:09 - Discussing Identity Work in Coaching
10:38 - Practical Tips for Shifting Limiting Beliefs
11:55 - Encouraging Discipline and Consistency in Clients
12:21 - Sanda's Methods for Shifting Limiting Beliefs
13:45 - The Role of Meditation and Mind Discipline
14:34 - Connecting Limiting Beliefs to Practical Actions
16:17 - Imposter Syndrome in New Coaches
20:08 - Applying Universal Laws to Overcome Time Scarcity
21:08 - Strategies for Attracting Clients
22:57 - Finding Clients and the Role of Intuition
24:29 - Sanda's Upcoming Program on Abundance and Manifestation

Connect with Sanda:

About Our Guest

Sanda Kruger

Sanda Kruger is a transformative life and health coach, a dynamic trainer, and an entrepreneurial visionary. With a rich educational background in philosophy and business from Europe and the US and numerous fitness and life coaching certifications, she has devoted her career to nurturing personal growth and holistic wellness. Since founding her coaching practice in 2007, Sanda has guided over 45,000 clients from 170 countries towards manifesting an abundant life and unlocking their full potential through a blend of intuitive guidance, meditation, connection between mind, body, and soul, as well as in-depth studies of the human psyche and behavioral patterns.

Her unique approach fuses classical life coaching with holistic strategies, earning her recognition as a trusted personal and professional development authority. In 2022, Sanda became a retreat host, creating the Satori Romania Retreats, where she offers transformative experiences in the serene Transylvanian mountains, empowering clients to rediscover divine self-love and harmony. Her unwavering dedication to advancing self-awareness and comprehensive well-being defines her distinguished career.

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