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Regulate Your Nervous System to Grow Your Business

Ft. Bishop Reid

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a formula of Success from an international breathwork facilitator

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Regulate Your Nervous System to Grow Your Business
  • The reality of launching (and relaunching) offerings in your coaching business
  • Why collaborating may be more aligned than solo coaching
  • How to know what kind of coaching is right for you
  • The “formula” that worked for Bishop (it’s not what you think)
  • How to overcome perfectionism in your coaching biz to be in integrity with your soul

Jump Ahead:

04:17 - How a cancer diagnosis led Bishop to breathwork which opened the doors to coaching..
05:11 - Group Work vs. One-on-One Coaching
08:15 - Marketing vs. Delivering Value 09:05 - Learning from Failures: Bishop reflects on a course launch that didn't go as planned and the lessons learned from that experience.
14:20 - Authenticity in Business: Embracing all aspects of your personality in your business
17:20 - The importance of Nervous System Work in Coaching
19:11 - Practical Business Advice: what's currently working in business, including leveraging networks and affiliate marketing.
25:17 - The benefits of collaboration and community in business growth and personal development.
29:04 - The influx of nervous system work in the coaching industry.
37:13 - Addressing burnout with clients.

Connect with Bishop:

About Our Guest

Bishop Reid

Bishop is a somatic based business coach and trauma informed international breathwork facilitator. She works with the power of the nervous system and emotional body to create real change in people’s personal and professional lives.

She has designed and led retreats all over the world, facilitated transformational experiences for individuals and corporations, & created online courses to guide people to live less from their survival responses and more connected to the intuitive creative nature of the body and to their unique authentic expression in the world.


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