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The Power of Proximity (On Location in Columbia)

Ft. Candice Erickson and Ting Yarrington

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Two Powerful Women Share their Journey to Business Success  

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with people who are working towards similar goals (but may have different backgrounds).
  • The impact of being in person with your peers during such a digital age.
  • How playfulness and experimentation can shift things more quickly.
  • Putting yourself in the room with “expanders” can show you what’s possible.
  • How being in proximity to mentors can calibrate you more towards success.

Jump Ahead:

06:27 - The Power of Being Around Successful Women
06:46 - Candice's Biggest Takeaway from the retreat: Not Feeling Alone
10:19 - The Importance of Being Seen in Your Full Expression
11:57 - Realizing You Belong in the Room 13:27 - The Humanization of Successful Individuals
13:38 - The Impact of Community and Support
16:13 - The Permission to Play in Business
17:41 - The Energetic Frequency Behind Your Work
19:59 - There's No One Right Way to Do Business
20:55 - Post-Retreat Implementation Plans
22:27 - The Power of Showing Up Authentically

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Connect with Ting:

About Our Guests

Candice Erickson and Ting Yarrington

Candice Bio:

With two decades of service-based business expertise, Candice is a seasoned professional recognized for award-winning achievements in business, media, and marketing.

As a highly skilled marketer, copywriter, presenter, and business coach, she specializes in empowering coaches, therapists, and course creators to scale their ventures to multi-figures.

Ting Bio:

Ting is the mastermind behind some of the multi 6-7 figure coaches you see. As a former VA and OBM, she curates scalable systems that support coaches in creating millions. She has turned her knowledge for tech and backend structures into a service and mentorship that allows her to stay in her zone of genius, and her clients to stay in theirs.


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