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Turning Grief Into Radical Self Acceptance, Quantum Leaps & The Goddess Revolution

Ft. Courtney Spiteri

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Empowering Women through Mentorship, Feminine Energetics, and Embracing Personal Power

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to transmute your personal struggles into empowering experiences
  • What it means to be “embodied” in your messaging and teaching
  • How Courtney went from 600 followers to 10,000 in less than 4 months
  • How to cultivate “empowered” energy and let that be seen by potential clients
  • The anti-strategy approach that many coaches are using these days
  • How to leverage organic marketing efforts

Jump Ahead:

04:50 - Turning Point and Personal Loss
06:29 - Shift in Coaching Approach
09:32 - Merging Embodiment with Marketing Strategy
13:07 - Daily Habits for Recalibrating Energy
15:22 - Creating Circumstances for Your Desired Energy
18:14 - The Importance of Being the Creator of Your Reality
21:16 - Courtney's Instagram Quantum LeapGrowth and Being Seen
26:58 - The Power of Storytelling in Marketing
28:52 - Consistent Bravery and Authentic Sharing
30:41 - The Boldest Year Yet Challenge
33:26 - Choosing Different From Your Past as a Form of Boldness
36:02 - The Importance of Finishing What You Start
37:22 - Communing with Your Future Self
39:41 - Choosing Who You Want to Be
41:26 - Learning from Past Experiences

Connect with Courtney:

About Our Guest

Courtney Spiteri

Courtney is a Feminine Leadership Mentor with an extensive background in psychology, neuroscience and the brain and human behavior. Combined with her knowledge of feminine energetics and intuition, she offers signature 1:1 mentorship and curated programs to guide ambitious heart-led women back into their own personal power and leadership through the lens of self-love, authentic expression and radical responsibility.


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