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Creating Aligned Offers & Maintaining Integrity in Business

Ft. Patrick McConnell

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How Radical Self Ownership Leads to Quantum Leaps in the Coaching Business

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to embrace the ups and downs of growing a coaching business.
  • The important thing to remember when it feels like clients aren’t coming.
  • Different strategies that Pat has tried to acquire clients.
  • How to shift the energy of a group by shifting your energy about the group.
  • When to call pivot your niche and why.
  • How to move through imposter syndrome that will inevitably pop up.

Jump Ahead:

04:32 Lessons learned from TA’s Quantum Leap program.
08:32 Building a sustainable business.
13:40 Iterating and embracing discomfort.
15:47 Evolution as a coach.
20:28 Perseverance through challenging moments.
23:49 The importance of coming from a place of service.
26:37 Owning your desires as the business owner.
27:09 Integrity and boundaries in business.
33:08 Radical self-ownership.
36:00 Radical self-ownership.
40:36 Toxic Positivity vs. Authenticity
42:18 Getting off the virtual realm.

About Our Guest

Patrick McConnell

Patrick is a dedicated relationship coach for all and mentor for men, drawing on his rich leadership background and deep empathy to guide his clients towards becoming their ideal selves and embracing self-love. He specializes in 1:1 coaching and in-person/virtual men's groups, tastefully infusing his playful spirit into this transformative work. He leads with curiosity, depth, and compassion so his clients can feel safe stepping into their true power.

Patrick is a TA graduate, and first connected with Kimberly when they both lived in Bali. This candid conversation goes deep into some of the biggest fears that can come for coaches while building their business, while also sharing the transformative power of choosing to show up in integrity.


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