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Ft. Tasha Church

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Using self-Love and Self-Defense in empowerment Coaching

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Tasha discovered her purpose as a Self-Empowerment Coach
  • How Self-Love and Self-defense marry to create a holistic empowerment practice
  • Why it’s important for Tasha to infuse her indigenous background into her practice
  • What led Tasha to move from in-person to online programs
  • How she creatively teaches virtual versions of self defense programs

Jump Ahead:

06:41 - Why Self Empowerment: How Tasha’s life experiences led her to choose self defense / empowerment.

13:11 - Transition to Online Courses: How a life event catalyzed this career move.

18:24 - Overcoming Industry Challenges: Exploration of the challenges within the self-defense industry, particularly the misconception about attracting negative experiences by focusing on self-defense.

22:54 - Influential Mentors and Training: Various mentors and training programs that have shaped her coaching methods and philosophy.

28:10 - Indigenous Heritage and Empowerment: The significance of her indigenous name and how it aligns with her life’s work in empowerment.

32:10 - New Self-Love Coaching Program with TA: Upcoming self-love coaching program with TA and how self-love became a pivotal part of Tasha’s coaching repertoire.

Connect with Tasha:

About Our Guest

Tasha Church

Tasha Ina Church, Iyèmote (Strives for Empowerment from the Stó:lō Nation) is an indigenous female entrepreneur, course creator, author, podcaster, blogger, and the founder/owner of ElleLiveAction. Her Empowerment Coaching and Self-Care business aids clients in removing barriers in life, offering empowering strategies, so they can be their hero.

With 23 years of experience in the field, Tasha is a force, creating positive change within her communities and on a global scale. She has served over 13,000 students since Spring 2022, in 125 countries who speak 35 languages worldwide. Iyémote’s training and certifications cover multiple styles and backgrounds, including EMDR Somatic Therapy Program from The Embody Lab. She is Credentialed in Empowerment Self-Defense through the Association of ESD Professionals and is certified through the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation in Empowerment Self-Defense. She is Trauma-Informed trained & has her Level 4 certification through ESD Global.

Iyémote has trained in Psychological First Aid through Johns Hopkins University and has her BA in Clinical Psychology. Graduating Summa cum Laude with her MBA in Global Business Leadership with an emphasis on Social Change, she offers a blend of experience which has uniquely set her and her clients on pathways to success.


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