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Following Your Highest Calling - From 7-Figures to a Spiritual Awakening

Ft. Michelle Sorro

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A Master Coach's Story of Spiritual Business Mentorship and Online Success 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to move through inevitable blocks around charging, and getting things “right” the first time. 
  • Tips for launching your first group program. 
  • Various ways to leerage expanders and mentors.
  • How bravery in one area of life can affect how you show up in your business.
  • How to evolve your offerings as you evolve as a person.
  • Tips for trusting your intuition in your business.

Jump Ahead:

11:45 Three levels of consciousness in business.
17:38 How to be an online entrepreneur even if you’re not tech savvy.
24:33 Entrepreneurship as a spiritual game.
27:33 Navigating dark nights of the soul.
32:22 Facing guilt around charging.
44:15 How to sell intangible results.
49:23 Connecting journeys on New Earth.

Connect with Michelle:

About Our Guest

Michelle Sorro

Michelle is a dynamic and multi-passionate creator who has crafted a life and business she truly loves. With a background as a former TV retail host boasting a decade of on-air expertise and $220 million in live sales, she has transformed herself into a 7-figure master coach, spiritual business mentor, and the host of "Fire and Soul," a podcast ranked in the top 1% worldwide in self-development. 

As the founder of Live Video Mastery, Michelle has guided thousands to achieve their online dreams, generating over $20M in revenue. She also co-founded the Podcast Accelerator, helping over 200 leaders launch their dream podcasts and make a global impact. Her impressive client list includes globally known celebrities, brands, Olympic athletes, and even a U.S. presidential candidate, along with high-profile collaborations with influential figures like Dave Asprey, Jack Canfield, and Tony Robbins.

In early 2021, Michelle experienced a profound awakening that led her to a journey of deep self-discovery and healing. This transformative experience has enriched her understanding of the importance of self-connection and self-love. Inspired by this journey, she now leads retreats and women's circles, offering transformative group experiences. As a retreat leader, circle keeper, and spiritual guide, Michelle is dedicated to helping others remember their true selves and stay deeply connected to their inner truth.


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