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Strategies & Spiritual Practices for Attracting More Clients

Ft. Mayah Rose

Strategies & Spiritual Practices for Attracting More Clients

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running to stop running in circles
and start attracting cients?


  • How to stretch time if you feel overwhelmed.
  • How to determine your pricing and what to put in your offer.
  • The one thing 7-figure coaches all seem to be doing. 
  • How to avoid attracting clients who aren’t ready to invest in themselves.
  • The practical and spiritual methods for calling in clients. 


About Our Guest


Mayah Rose is the Co-Founder of Legendary, where she and her husband and business partner, Gerald, combine modern neuroscience and ancient alchemical processes to help their clients' subconscious minds start to work for them instead of against them. She's also the creator of Femintuition where she empowers successful females to step into greater balance with their masculine & feminine energies. 

Mayah Rose has such an impressive way of combining real-world strategies for success, with the necessary mindset and spiritual practices of cultivating your dream coaching business. From house-wife, to entrepreneur, to author, Mayah Rose has a full portfolio of tools to teach from. She’s co-facilitated dozens of retreats worldwide and helped people transform in every area of life. 

Maya Rose

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