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The Fastest Way to Get Clients and Become a Better Coach

Ft. Juan Bendana

The Fastest Way to Get clients and Become a Better Coach

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Ready to jump into the coaching fast-lane?


  • The power of creating a mastermind and shaping its culture.
  • The one thing that could be costing you your dream. 
  • What not to do when starting your coaching business. 
  • The tricks to becoming a better coach fast. 
  • The price you must be willing to pay to get to where you want to go.
  • How Juan landed a book deal with Penguin Random House.


About Our Guest


Juan is an internationally recognized keynote speaker that has delivered electrifying experiences on thousands of stages. He is an author, entrepreneur and considered by many as a walking shot of espresso. He has worked with the likes of Disney, Sony Pictures and Sotheby's International.

Juan has coached entrepreneurs, Actors & Olympians on building confidence.

Juan is an incredibly inspiring individual with a track record of consistency in his own life and business. Through his own personal transformation and his ability to cut through to the core of someone's blocks, he is a living embodiment of what is possible when you commit to yourself and your dreams.

Juan Bendana

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