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When to Niche, When to Not, & How to Sell Out Your Retreats

Ft. Paige Clark

When to Niche, When to Not, & How to Sell Out Your Retreats

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To Niche or not to niche?


  • Why Paige decided to double down on hypnotherapy 
  • Where you can avoid niching, and where you must.
  • What will 100% not make you money as an online coach.
  • Why free coaching doesn’t work.
  • What to say when you get potential clients on the phone.
  • The easiest way to get marketing content that sells.
  • Why everyone actually has the same problems (Spoiler: they’re stuck in some way)
  • The one best market research question to ask your network.
  • The empowering way to reframe a seemingly “saturated” coaching industry industry.
  • Being successful boils down to two things: sales and mindset.
  • How to overcome the inevitable doubts that creep in.
  • “Every coach needs a coach”


About Our Guest


Paige is a hypnotherapist, coach, and retreat specialist. She has thousands of coaching hours under belt, and hosted dozens of retreats over the years.

Not only is Paige’s energy and smile infectious, even through audio, but her wisdom is potent. This episode is jam-packed with useful tips for coaches at any stage of their journey. 

Paige Clark

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