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The Art of Authentic Coaching & The Secret to Standing Out

Ft. Britt Lefkoe

When to Niche, When to Not, & How to Sell Out Your Retreats

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Ready to dial up your authenticity?


  • Why Britt’s foray into coaching is such a unique story.
  • How sharing more of your true self will actually make you more credible, not less.
  • Why people don’t take good advice or do the things they know would help them.
  • How to clarify your role versus the client’s role in a coaching relationship.
  • Why the Lefkoe method didn’t work on her.
  • Why Britt actually avoids some of things that we recommend to all of our students.
  • Britt’s primary piece of advice for new coaches.
  • Britt’s unique point of you as a coach, and how she uses that to help her clients transform.
  • What you need to be successful if you want to help people in a variety of different niches.

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About Our Guest


Britt is a Mindset Coach & Behavior Change Expert and has been immersed in the coaching world since a very young age. Her unique story is not without its ups and downs, and her journey to evolve the legacy of her father, and pave her own path has made her one of the top mindset coaches. She’s been invited to host workshops all over the country, including a multi-day workshop on Courage for the execs at Google.

Not only does Britt not partake in the hamster wheel of endless social media posting, but she actually built her 6-figure coaching business, without even so much as a website. Britt is living proof that when you act with conviction and focus on results, a lucrative business based on raving clients is possible.   

Britt Lefkoe

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