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How to Leverage Partnerships & Relationship-Based Sales to Hit 6-figures

Ft. John Davie

How to Leverage Partnerships & Relationship-Based Sales to Hit 6-figures

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want a six-Figure Coaching Business? Listen up.


  • Why the courses you sign up for, often don’t work like you want them to.
  • What it means to sell authentically and how John made multiple six figures doing just that. 
  • Why you need a client ascension ladder, and what that can look like.
  • How to leverage partnerships to stick to your strengths and still scale your business.
  • How to turn mentors into partners.
  • What relationship based sales? 
  • Why you don’t need a funnel, or even a website, to make high ticket sales 
  • Why creating a community can make marketing easier. 


About Our Guest


John Davie is an Operations Consultant and Coach for Entrepreneurs. Since discovering the world of online business he’s helped coaches and business owners all over the world to master the art of Authentic Selling.

In this episode, John shines light on some alternative ways for getting clients, how to avoid the pits that most coaches fall into, and what resources to turn to when you need additional support in your business. 

John Davie

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