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How Showing Up as You Are Can Allow You to Embody Your Fullest Self

Ft. Riya Rose

How Showing Up as You Are Can Allow You to Embody Your Fullest Self

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Want to bring your FULL self to your coaching? Here's how.


  • How to transform “networking” into natural connection
  • How to leverage festivals and other “healing” events to grow your credibility
  • The non-sleazy approach to creating partnerships
  • Why the story you tell yourself about your business affects your success. 
  • How to work with the rhythms of the seasons in your business.
  • The power of showing up consistently before the audience has been built.

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About Our Guest


Riya, a lifelong spiritual seeker, has dedicated over 15 years to deep study and practice. As a Clinical Herbalist, E-500 Registered yoga teacher, Priestess, and Ceremonialist, she channels her extensive knowledge and experience to empower others on their transformative journeys. Through her leadership in numerous workshops, the development of impactful trainings, and her one-on-one guidance, Riya has guided countless individuals to embrace an embodied and empowered way of life.

In today’s episode we talk about how Riya turned a grassroots yoga teaching career into getting paid to lead workshops all over the country, leading online programs, and ultimately shifting not just her business, but her identity as a healer. 

Riya Rose

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