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Creating an Unforgettable Brand to Attract Raving Fans

Ft. Amanda Walker

Creating an Unforgettable Brand to Attract Raving Fans

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Ready to attract RAVING fans?
This is what you need to know.


  • The importance of creating a unique framework or process to lead clients through.
  • How to create a coaching business that feels fun for both you and the clients.
  • Creative ways to woo potential clients.
  • How to know what aspects of your business to focus on first.
  • Where to spend your time marketing.
  • Pros and cons to an unregulated industry.
  • Tips for conducting market research.
  • How her clients became walking billboards.

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About Our Guest

Amanda Walker

Amanda Walker is a Master Certified Performance Coach, Speaker, Creator of the Best Damn Coach Program, and host of the Best Damn Coach podcast. She is passionate about helping coaches and online service based business owners help their clients achieve massive results in order to grow a profitable coaching practice without spending massive amounts of money on marketing.

Amanda Walker

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