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$0 to $5 Million in Three Years with Feminine Business & Living Brave

Ft. Shoshanna Raven

$0 to $5 Million in Three Years with Feminine Business & Living Brave

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  • How Shoshanna redefined feminine business and used it to scale to 5 million in 3 years.
  • Her secret to keeping herself in alignment and taking the sleaze out of selling.
  • How she constantly evolves her offerings to suit her desires.
  • The surprising truth about growing from 5 figures to 6, and from 6 to 7.
  • The one mantra that keeps her from stressing out, no matter what is going on in her business and life.
  • How she turned the lowest moment in her life into an opportunity that sling shotted her straight to her purpose and creating massive success, and how you can do the same in your life.
  • Why your stories are your most powerful assets.

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About Our Guest

Shoshanna Raven

Shoshanna is a holistic lifestyle, business, leadership, and love coach for heart-led visionaries and female entrepreneurs. Specifically, she works with personal brands & community-centric businesses, helping them take off & scale to global impact.

As a shame slayer, Shoshanna speaks openly about taboos – sex money power – to liberate the TRUTH. She launched her podcast Living Brave in 2019, where she opened up about her herpes status, in hopes to break shame and stigma culture, inspire authentic connection and liberate listeners to access their own personal power.

What began as a one-woman show with no intention to monetize grew organically to a multi-million dollar a year business in just two years! Shoshanna has now worked with thousands of clients around the world, hosted sold-out global retreats, and runs a rockstar team. 🧡

She’s on a mission to slay shame, tell the truth, and unlock your limitless potential through brave leadership… learning to walk with fear and open to the magical mystery of this wild human experience.

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