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Ft. Kyle Lipton

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Coming out of the "phsychic closet" and embracing integrity as a coach

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why Kyle calls himself a “mentor” and not a coach
  • How to create a business that supports all facets of your personality
  • Why your imposter syndrome is not a symbol of lack of preparedness, but actually a symbol of your integrity
  • Tips for coming out of the “psychic” closet
  • How to leverage the Pygmalion Effect
  • How trusting his intuition and staying consistent are the two things that changed his business and life

Jump Ahead:

07:02 Overcoming imposter syndrome.
12:28 Trusting intuition and synchronicities.
16:25 Identity and energetic barriers.
20:07 Abundance and stepping into alignment.
25:34 Embracing imperfection in coaching.
29:35 Manifesting and creating reality.
36:56 Divine intervention and unexpected help.
40:45 Your intuition is magic.
46:55 Stepping into your creativity.
54:39 Comedy and fear of failure.

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About Our Guest

Kyle Lipton

Kyle Lipton is a comedian, psychic, and transformational mentor whose mission on earth is to reveal the cosmic joke ✨ He has spoken on various platforms across the world and is on a mission to help us all “enlighten up.”

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